Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I Found It!

Ok, I found this set at a used furniture store.  I have an email in to get the dimensions of the pieces and am just hoping they deliver to my area....cross your fingers!

9 piece vintage Danish Modern set(table, 6 chairs(2 w/arms), sideboard and buffet w/hutch.
In good shape....the chair seats need reupholstering but I can do that myself.

It's the best I can do not being in CA or KY.
I'd prefer an oval table but this ticks off most, if not all, my boxes!



  1. Most of my furniture is mid century. I especially love the Danish , which I don't have. I have Heywood Wakefield . I love your new set and that is a great priceBTW.

  2. You'd never get a price like that in CA. That set would be $2000 or more. I hope it fits because it's nice.

  3. Looks very nice! Good price, too!

    Peace <3

  4. How pretty! It will go nicely with the bamboo flooring. Awesome price too. Hope delivery doesnt add too much to it.

  5. Wow - that looks fantastic!! And, what a huge steal!!

  6. Nice! I like the chairs. Seat covers are usually easy to replace.

  7. That is a beautiful set!! I love it!

  8. Suhweet! Now that the kiddies are all moving out you're buying good furniture lol?! (that's what I'm doing too...shhhh...don't tell anybody!

  9. We really are living the same life. I'm looking at tables too. The other one isn't doing so great.


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