Monday, March 10, 2014

This Week on The Dining Table

The "I Got Nothing" Edition.......

No photos and no snazzy updates on my life.
Feeling rather empty and uninspired this morning.
Let's get on with the Meal Update, shall we?
And here is what was planned last week---
Sunday--Beef Roast, Yellow Squash Casserole
Monday--Broiled Teriyaki Salmon(freezer), Asparagus, Roasted Potatoes with Onions
Tuesday--Slices off Leftover Roast, Roasted Cauliflower and Carrots
Wednesday--Lasagna(from freezer), Brussel Sprouts
Thursday--Either Roast Beef Hash or French Dip Sammies from leftover Roast, and leftover Veg
Friday--Breakfast for dinner
Saturday--Chicken & Pot Pie Noodles
And here is what actually happened---
Sunday--Beef Roast, Yellow Squash Casserole
Monday--Broiled Teriyaki Salmon(freezer), Asparagus, Roasted Potatoes with Onions
Tuesday--Slices off Leftover Roast, Roasted Cauliflower and Carrots
Wednesday--Lasagna(from freezer), Brussel Sprouts
Thursday--French Dip Sammies from leftover Roast, and leftover Veg
Friday--Fend for Yourself
Saturday--Roast Beef, Asparagus, Mac & Cheese

Everything as planned except Friday(nobody wanted BFD)and Saturday.
Chicken with Pot Pie noodles gets moved to this week.
The big project, well, what turned into a big project!, last week was using up that Beef Roast.  You'll see that we ate off of it every other night(4 nights)last week.  And I still have a small portion to use up tonight.  There was no way in hell I was throwing away even a scrap of that!  The scraps went to our beagle and she was quite happy about it. 8-))
As for the food spending update, this will be easy.....I spent a total of $0 on groceries last week.
Never even went into a grocery store all week.  We ran out of milk on Saturday and are now out of fresh produce to I'll be heading out this week to restock on those items.
I did spend $ on March 1st....$146.00 worth at the Restaurant Supply Store, the Dollar Store and Ollie's.  I didn't post it last week since it was March spending and not February spending and technically it wasn't last week(within  the last 7 days).  Man, sometimes I am a goof.
Let's just say I've spent $146 of the March food budget so far this month.
This week's shopping will be light as I will be out of town a few days and the family will be left to their own devices......might be a good thing but probably will be a bad thing but as I won't be here and be implicated I really don't care. lolz
No food waste last week either.
Going into the new week here are the leftovers we have......1 helping Mac & Cheese(which #2 Son will have eaten before the sun sets tonight), a hunk of Beef Roast, a package of Sandwich Rolls and some Asparagus.
Here is this week's meal plan----

Sunday--Chicken with Pot Pie Noodles, Carrots
Monday--Beef Stew with onions, carrots, potatoes and I might throw in the leftover asparagus too!
Tuesday--Fend for Yourself(Hubs not home for dinner)
Wednesday--Burgers or Sloppy Joes, Sugar Snap Peas

 Since I will be off in Delaware partying the end of the week, I have no clue what Hubs and the son will be eating.  I have fixings for meals Hubs is likely to make, like pasta and/or ravioli and sauce(and homemade meatballs in the freezer), a meatloaf in the freezer he just needs to thaw and reheat, slices of quiche(also in the freezer).  There is also a pork roast he can put in the crockpot and make pulled pork sammies and the grocery even has premade coleslaw on sale to go with it if they want that.  I just have no clue what they'll fix or if they'll just go out for Chinese, Pizza or FF Burgers.
Place your bets and check back next Monday! lolz

What I need to purchase for this menu?.......ground beef for Wednesday's dinner.  I'll be picking up some milk, fresh fruit and produce, as well as any loss leaders I find.
As for March's grocery budget--I'm going to try to keep it closer to $300 than $'s that for hedging? lolz
I want to eat down some of what is in the freezer and clear out some old stuff so when we go on our trip in April, there is room to stock up on frozen pizza and chicken nuggets for #2 Son to eat while we are gone.

What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?



  1. Sluggy,
    Is tonight's stew using up that hunk of leftover roast? if not, grind it up, and make sloppy joes with it. Comes out great! Would save you on the cost of buying ground beef this week.

    Here's my menu plan this week, beef is also overshadowing our meals (an unusual event!):
    9-broiled, marinated pork tenderloins (fzn), roast potatoes, canned green beans
    10-salmon patties (use canned), coleslaw, honey carrots
    11-Crock pot beef pot roast with potato, carrots
    13-Lidia's warm lentil salad (new recipe for me)green salad
    15-beef-barley soup

    1. The beef was slated for stew on Monday night, but thanks for the idea. I don't have a way to grind meats right now but I could always just cook it until it shreds and add a Sloppy Joe sauce then...sort of a pulled beef brisket deal.

    2. Got a food processor? Just whirl it through. Works just fine. : )

  2. I should never have come here today. It's prep day for my colonoscopy, and I am already so hypoglycemic it is not even funny. Right now, a nap seems really good. If I cannot eat, I refuse to stay awake and suffer.

    I cooked a whole chicken in the crock pot yesterday, and I want some. Yes, I am grumpy.

    1. I hope your procedure comes out well. I remember the 1st meal after all that fasting and roto-rootering really tastes GREAT! ;-)

  3. We are trying to eat down our surplus but we still seem to be spending a ton at the stores as of late. Grrrrrrr.
    And it sounds like our sons have the same diet.


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