Sunday, March 16, 2014

Life is Unfair

Oh woe is me today!

*Bloggerpalooza II has ended and I am not ready for that to happen.  I need more Mimosas!
Oh and more chuckles and smiles too.....

*I have to pack everything up and haul it out to the car.....and the car is 4 steps from my door.

*It shall take about 18 trips to the car to get it all onboard, since I have prizes and love to also load for the trip home.

*I shall have to eat breakfast alone, yet again.  sniff  You know, it's important to have your friends around for that first meal of the day....
If anyone needs me I'll be sittin' all alone in the Cracker Barrel.

*Did I mention I don't want to go home yet?  And Ron, our host, is such a sweetie....or is that more like the "Belle of the Ball"?.......

*My daughter gave me a heads up about what she wants me to buy her here a little late so I have to hang around and wait for the stores to open, and since it's Sunday that would mean 11 or noon.
So I shan't be getting an early start back on the road.

*Ditto because I want to go to the Easy Spirit shoe outlet here.  (Easy Spirit=comfortable shoes for old ladies with wide feet but Outlet=frugal)

*Did I mention I don't want to go home and leave my new friends??  Ya know, I would drive to the ends of the Earth for these guys/gals.
Ok, maybe not the ends of the Earth put certainly as far as Millsboro.....

Life is so unfair sometimes!

*sad face*


  1. Like you, I hate to eat alone when out. So, where is everybody? You did not make a plan last night for today? What kind of place did you meet with the ball gowns and a request from your daughter? Be careful with those I would make a lot of trips to the car, too.

    I love Easy Spirit shoes. They made a pair of T straps that young women without wide feet wore. I loved them, but, of course, they discontinued them!

  2. Sounds like you had a blast. Have fun shopping too!

    1. Oh honey, I spent WAAAY too much $$$!
      But what the heck....

  3. we made it home by 1p; we are with our VERY vocal kitty! and we have not unpacked yet.

    good to meet you, and it's a bitch that it's over already. FREEP!!!!!

    1. Catching hell from the kitty....who says they aren't like children. lol
      FREEP right backatcha!

  4. I hate to eat alone. Wish I'd known, because I did not get my decent breakfast that I wanted before we hit the road this morning!

    It was a lovely weekend, and I am so glad to have met you! You are a fine, fine lady!!! BLIICHFURDLE!!!

    Peace <3

    1. Next year we'll hit DFH Brewpub.....count on it! ;-)

  5. It was great meeting you, obviously I found your blog and added you to my morning reading. My office is closed today, snow, and I have a MAJOR project I need to get done, today. What to do?

    1. Same on my end Travel P. I need to update my blog roll too, despite my penchant for procrastination.

  6. So did you make it home or are you headed in my direction? There is alcohol here.

    1. Made it home by 4pm and didn't hit any rain or snow. Did hit construction and crazy ass drivers back in PA tho.
      Of course there is alcohol wouldn't be your house w/out it.....

  7. Meeting you was one of the weekend's highlights for me.


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