Wednesday, February 5, 2014

This Week on the Dining Table

It's the "I'm 2 Days late & For Pete's Sake, Enough Already with the Winter Weather!" Edition
Here is what was planned last week---
Sunday--Breaded fish fillets(have), Roasted Cauliflower(have), Coleslaw(have)
Monday--Free Birthday Burger at Red Robin, #2 Son's burger out of Entertaining Budget, Hubs has leftovers
Tuesday--Chicken and Mushroom Parm(have), Pasta, Green Salad(have) with Feta Cheese(have)
Wednesday--Roasted Chicken(have), Assorted leftover side dishes(have)
Friday--Quiche(in freezer), Asparagus(have)
And here is what actually happened---
Sunday--Breaded fish fillets(have), Roasted Cauliflower(have), Coleslaw(have)
Monday--Free Birthday Burger at Red Robin, #2 Son's burger out of Entertaining Budget, Hubs had leftovers or burritos at home
Tuesday--Take-out Burgers & homemade would think that I was full on burgers after the night before!
Wednesday--Pizza, Sugar Snap Peas w/Red Peppers
Thursday--Chicken Parm, "Sketti" for Hubs, Green Salad w/Tomatoes
Friday--Leftovers(Cauliflower, Coleslaw, Fish, Pizza, Sugar Snaps, Sketti)
Saturday--Leftovers-only 1 home to eat, Hubs/#2 ate on the road
The Mushroom Parm, Roast Chicken, Quiche didn't get served last week.
We had decidedly too much "convenience type food" last week.  The Parm & fish was pre-breaded, the pizza was frozen from a box, and burgers were out of a sack from BK. bleh.  I feel so bloated and this week it's back to more home cooking, but from scratch!
I spent a total of $103.87 on all food/toiletries spending last week, only since Feb. 1st and those trips to Rite-Aid the last few days of January where I used $ from February's budget.  The value of said goods was $336.32 regular retail, so I realized a 69% savings rate!
Going into the new week here are the leftovers we had.......cauliflower(Hubs ate today for lunch), sketti(ditto), pizza.  Fresh produce to use....asparagus, rutabaga, sweet potato, collard greens.
Here is this week's meal plan---have of it's already been served---

Sunday--Leftovers or FFY(I was the only one home)
Monday--Tuna Noodle Casserole, Grilled Asparagus
Tuesday--Kielbasa and Onions on Rolls, Brussell Sprouts
Wednesday--Roast Chicken, Collards, Smashed Rutabaga
Thursday--Eating Out, #2 away at District Band
Friday--Chicken Fajitas(using leftover chicken from Wed.)
Saturday--Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Leftovers of FFY(Fend For Yourself)

That makes 4 new meals, 2 leftover or planned over meals and 1 meal out.

What I need to purchase for this menu?.......nothing since I went to the  $ store, the Bakery Outlet & Walmart (again!) on Sunday and am OOP $51+.

I need to look at the sales ads a bit closer to see if I want to pick up anything else this week, you know loss leaders....if the weather clears up long enough to shovel out and go somewhere before the next storm is due to hit.
Otherwise, I won't be shopping again this week and we'll make do with what is here, as ther eis plenty.

What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?
Excuse me while I go try to finish thawing out my chicken.  I removed it from the freezer on Saturday and it's still hard enough to do damage if you hit someone in the head with it. lolz



  1. I've had it with the weather too. Blech.
    I have taken a few things out of the freezer and realized too late that they were still frozen after spending the day on the counter. It's just too cold!

    1. OH I know it just breaks your heart when you can't cook and DEN is forced to work his magic! Yah, I bet that's what you tell him most nights....."Honey, the food just didn't thaw, so what would YOU like to make me tonight?" Nice scheme......

  2. I hate it when it's cold and thawing time is almost tripled. It makes me think that my refrigerator is not insulated well since in warm weather things thaw in a reasonable time.

    Can you share your tuna noodle casserole recipe? Ex bf hates tuna, does not like casseroles, soupy stuff that is not soup, does not care for noodle dishes, and tries not to each much cheese. So, I suppose this will be just for me. sigh

    1. Don't really have a tuna noodle casserole.....I just wing it.
      Noodles of some sort, maybe peas(maybe not since I don't like them), tuna, a roux and add some cream of soup if I am lazy or just stock and cream, cheese to finish it off...maybe a dash of Worcestershire Sauce in place of salt.
      If we are having company LOL I might crumble Ritz type crackers and shredded cheese on top to be all FANCY.
      Homemade Tuna Helper without all the chemical cheese.

  3. My blogroll isn't telling me when you post. What's up with that?

    1. It doesn't show on mine either, but since it happens with other blogs, I assume it is blogger, not any individual blog.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. It happens intermittently on blogger. There are a few on my roll too that never update and I end up scrolling down and down and down.....
      It's them not me. 8-)


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