Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Remember just yesterday when I said the Good News is that the new heating system is working again and we now have heat?
Well, guess what wouldn't turn back on yesterday evening after I turned it off 4 hours earlier?
Yup.....the heaters.

So we are back to having expensive white boxes hanging on our walls that do NOTHING.
And for a bonus, we get to call SEARS......yet again.......

I am just so tired of this......



  1. Sears? Sears is going bankrupt. Why would anyone still shop there?

  2. I would be yelling at this point. BS!

  3. I would guess you have a short somewhere in the wiring for your thermostat. I hope it gets fixed ASAP!

  4. ARGH! And you have to call K-MART!!!! I can't imagine!!!

    Peace <3

  5. I just cannot believe this is happening to you, AGAIN!

  6. :( Sounds like my office... first 100-degree weather days in the summer = AC broken for all of about 6-7 business days. First <50 degree mornings = broken heater... ugh. Hope you can get yours fixed the right way soon.


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