Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tuesdays Trip to Rite-Aid to Roll +Up Rewards

Nothing too exciting here this trip.......

2 x Rite-Aid Tools on sale $1 ea.=$2.00
2 x Colgate toothbrushes on sale $2.99=$5.98
1 x Cella cherry 20% disc.=$.26

I used 1 x $1/2 Colgate toothbrushes ManuQ.

I used $7 +Up Rewards, leaving me paying $.24 +$.02 tax=$.26 OOP.

I received $6 in +Ups back for this transaction(2 x $2 Colgate, 2 x $1 R-A).
Add those to the $1 in +Ups I didn't use on Tuesday and I now have $7 in +Ups to roll.

I got the last 2 toothbrushes at this store after finding Zero toothbrushes at the store on the way home from my dr. appt.
The only reason there are Beauty Tools that are free after +Ups is because this store had no signage up for them....but that didn't stop me from finding them and figuring out which ones qualified as a freebie........lolz

Then it's standing down until Black Friday hits at Rite-Aid.  One of the managers I was chatting with today told me their store is being required to stay open that day until midnight.
I have been in this store scads of times over the years, both during the Holidays and Not-Holidays and we both know the place will be deserted by 9pm.  I promised her I'd come by that evening to keep her company(and get some photos copied for my Great Aunt for something to do).

Later today I'll go up for 2 x Colgate toothpaste which will be free after 1 ManuQ and +Ups(spent and received).


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