Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This Week on the Dining Table

The "Thank Goodness Marching Band Season is Over" Edition.......
#2 Son is happy that his last season of Marching Band finished up on Sunday.  Now he just has 2 Concert Band concerts, 2 Jazz Band concerts and Pitt Orchestra for the School Musical and ALL the rehearsals for each to go before he graduates in the Spring.
The photo is of some of the band kids after a meet performance back in October that our group hosted.  #2 Son is standing on the track(behind the fence)right above the drum in this shot.

Here are the meals that were planned last week--
Sunday--Chinese Take-Out  Treating ourselves tonight
Monday--Mushroom Alfredo shells with leftover London Broil, Spinach Salad(Hubs is craving pasta)
Tuesday--Baked Fish(in freezer) and crab cakes(freezer), coleslaw, some veggie(freezer)
Wednesday--Lasagna(leftover-then the rest gets put into the freezer for later)
Thursday--Chicken Pot Pie(using leftover chicken, carrots, potatoes + fresh broccoli)
Friday--maybe Domino's pizza using one of my free coupons + a big salad for me
Saturday--leftovers or something scrounged around the house

Everything eaten as planned except Friday's dinner was Saturday's and vice versa.
I used the leftover Broccoli Soup from weeks ago in my pot pie instead of making a sauce/cream from scratch or opening a can of soup to use.  I am so proud of me......!

And I ended up eating too much pizza.  I hadn't had any in so long and it was so good that I just couldn't eat one slice. lol

As for food spending last might want to look away as it's going to be bad(spendy).  There were 6 trips to the store and I spent $287.01 on $554.87 worth of groceries at 5 different stores.  I've spent $385.79 of my $400 November food budget so far and there are 17 days left for this month. 
Hubs made a stop after work at a store we don't often go to.  There was the monthly trip to the Bakery/Bread Outlet and I had a 15% off discount card for Ollie's(Good Stuff Cheap!)I had to use or lose and they had some good food buys, even before that discount.  So we blew through a bit of money on foodstuffs last week.

Not to worry though as we have extra funds each month plus I am stockpiling last week and this week so we spend enough to get our Thanksgiving gift certificate at one of my stores.  Might as well buy the items that will keep now and they count toward our spending rather than buying them next month and not having them count, right?  I am hoping that my December spending will reflect these buying ahead deals and be lower than my usual.
We shall see.....

Leftovers going into this week--1/2 a large family-sized chicken pot pie and a whole pizza(but that will most likely be scarfed down between meals or as lunches).

Here's this week's meal plan---

Sunday--Burgers on Rolls, Collard Greens
Monday--Mushroom Parmesan, Salad
Tuesday--Roasted Chicken, Carrots, Stuffing
Wednesday--leftover Chicken Pot Pie
Thursday--Steak, Roasted Asparagus & Potatoes
Friday--Baked Fish, Coleslaw, Green Beans
Saturday--Chicken & Dumplings

What I need to purchase for this menu?......
I still need to spend about $55 this week to get to our Turkey Day gift certificate.
I'm going to try to keep the spending to $55 but even so, that will put us over budget in November by $40+ and that's not counting buying a turkey.
bleh again.
Oh what the hell......I am going to fly the white flag this month.
I give up. ;-)

What got fixed and served at your house this week?



  1. I coached for 11 years and I loved marching band season, I also hated it:) Hubby will eat whatever he can find. I am not cooking this week. I might not cook next week either.

  2. My son was in band, cross country, and track for all 4 years of high school. During the fall (marching band and cross country), he'd run from band practice to the locker room to change and then check the door to find out where the team was running and then double-time to catch up with them. During the spring (concert band season), he would frequently go from a track meet to concert events. But marching band season is still my favorite, despite the craziness that sometimes ensued with making 2 events per Saturday.

  3. At least I don't have to worry about you going hungry! This week we are serving up chicken soup (for my cold), pad thai and spinach smoothies because Michael bought a ton of spinach on sale!

  4. Let's see - it's been pretty much scraps this week. M made kebabs, we've been eating those, & then just leftovers. Nothing very exciting!

  5. I'm currently at $207.70 and still need to shop for Thanksgiving!!! I Did buy 2 Turkeys and 6 / 36oz cans of coffee so am already stocked up on those items. I have also bought extra sugar and flour, a couple of boxes of stuffing and several cans of pumpkin and evaporated milk so I am already ahead of the game in that respect. My guest count for thanksgiving continues to shift. I thought we would have a lot fewer guests but we are already up to 22. I do all the cooking! .

    I am ashamed to report all the food waste around here.Last evening I went through my pantry and tosses an obscene amount of old spices. I do try to buy just an ounce or two from our local health food market but even then the spices go stale in a very short time. I have some yogurt that if I don't get around to eating this coming week I will probably toss ....Even though I am not a code Nazi My son in law is and I'd rather toss it than hear it from him and my daughter!
    I also had to toss some fresh mozzarella ...(.It got lost in the drawer) and I believe I will also loose some salad greens. Our 99c store had those big boxes of spring mix and I lost my mind and bought 2 boxes. I should have exercised more restraint.

    Your blog still is sort of jiggly on my screen. Has anyone else mentioned this? Yours is the only blog where I am having this problem . I sent you a Facebook message about that cabbage/noodle dish. Oh man was that ever good!

  6. I baked three huge chicken breasts and ate one meal from them. Exbf and I ate again today, and he took home a breast (two meals) and I have enough for another meal or two. That is about 7 meals from $1.79/lb chicken breasts. Today, I baked a dozen sweet potatoes. We both ate one and have five apiece for five days. We had mustard greens with our chicken and sweet potatoes.

    Today, for lunch I served Italian Wedding Soup from a can and a cheap ($1.37) pizza enhanced with more cheese. It is my version of soup and sandwich.

    There are salad greens for a salad or two from the chicken. And there is a cup of the soup left. I will cook black eyed peas tomorrow and fix turnip greens. Then, there are pineapples, oranges, apples, and bananas.

    When the chicken is about gone, I am going to get out these steaks marked down and cheap and cook them with carrots and potatoes like a roast. Oh, I have 20 lbs of Russet potatoes gotten for $3.99. I may dehydrate those and eat some this week.

  7. Must be the month to go over grocery budget...I am already over ours and I still have daughters b-day cake supplies to buy, thanksgiving food, etc. to buy. And I really haven't felt like making a meal plan which is not a good thing....guess I have to get my butt in gear.

  8. I hate that damned white flag. I fly it too often.


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