Saturday, October 19, 2013

Rite-Aid Again? Yep!

I dragged my hiney into Rite-Aid while I was up at the bank yesterday.
I had a $1 +UP burning a hole in my pocket so here is what I got.....

1 x Colgate toothpaste(on sale $3.50 but my 20% discount was lower)=$3.43

I used 1 x .75¢ IPQ

I used my $1 +Ups.......
$2.68-$1+UP=$1.68 Out of Pocket

And I received a $3+UP Reward for buying the toothpaste.

Then I went back to Rite-Aid today while I was out gassing up my minivan and got this.....

1 x Colgate toothpaste(on sale $3.50 but my 20% discount was lower)=$3.43
2 x Dove deodorants(on sale $3.00)=$6.00

I used--
1 x .75¢ Colgate IPQ
1 x $3/2 Dove products ManQ
Coupon total......$3.75
Then a $1/2 Load2card Q for Dove came off too!


I used my $3 +Ups from yesterday--
$4.68-$3+Ups=$1.68 OOP

And I received $5 in +Ups for buying those 3 products($3 toothpaste, $2 wyb 2 Dove items).

I have spend $3.36 and have 2 tubes of toothpaste & 2 deodorant sticks with a retail value of $19.16 if not bought during this sale.
And I have $5 in +Ups to spend/roll in the next 2 weeks.

If we get the Speed Stick and Finesse Qs in our paper Sunday I know exactly how I am going to roll these +Ups.
Crossing my fingers..... ;-)



  1. Hubs is a jewel. After a new friend heard for about a month of my savvy with coupons and resales, he said if I were a CFO I could make millions because of my little exploits. YOU could make millions and trillions. YOU are the best at this.

    1. Okay, I have to have these cataracts fixed! I thought you dragged hubby into RA,

    2. LOL.....yep, dragged my hiney turned into dragged my honey, right? 8-))

    3. I felt so foolish when I saw that.

  2. You were so right, I missed number seven hawkeyes! I have added it now lol so I no longer look like a dummy. All these Riteaid posts and I think I will have to visit it on my next USA trip - awesome deals!

  3. Very nice! Love to save money!
    Peace <3

  4. I didn't know you had a blog! I just found it via your comment on Anne Marie's blog. I'll be back!

  5. Here we see people who coupon selling their finds at the swap meet. Once you get going all those coupons and points really add up!

    1. Sluggy does the same thing, or did in the past.


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