Thursday, October 3, 2013

Just Stuff & Nonsense

I went to the grocery store  yesterday for the first time since my blood clot adventure since I am now able to hobble around.
It only took me about 2.5 hours to do a medium shop in 1 store.
And then I couldn't get all the groceries in from the car when I got home as my feet just said "No!".
So I got in the produce and the fridge/freezer stuff and left the rest for Hubs to haul in when he got home from work.
Then I had to stay in the recliner with my foot up for 3 hours so he had to put dinner together in my stead.
Gosh, I do love that man sometimes! ;-)

So I am taking it easy today, even though I still need to get to the other store, to the bread outlet and to Kmart to return some clothes I bought that didn't "work for me".
I am just going to touch up the paint in the living/dining room after lunch and put the switch plates back on the outlets/light switches. 

Hubs needs to touch up some areas on the crown moulding where the guy had to caulk and then move the excess boxes of flooring out of the rooms so we can clean the floor.  But that all will have to wait until the Weekend to be finished.  Then I can get a photograph of the completed work to share.
And I will NOT share the completed/depleted savings challenge account from 2012, as it is almost bare from spending on all these home improvements/repairs/supplies. lolz

I really need to get a list together of what I need to get done this month and then prioritize it because everything can't possibly be accomplished during October.
And on that note, is anyone else having problems with Blogger and updating/changing their side bars in the Layout function??!!
I have tried for 4 days now to update my "TO DO" List on my side bar but the blasted Blogger won't let me save the changes I make.

And can you believe I gained 7 pounds last weekend??!!  At least that is what my scale said to me Monday morning.  I just wanted to slap that thing......
Since I really didn't eat much more than I usually do, it has to be the sodium in what I ate that made me retain water.  I made pretty healthy choices with the food but it WAS restaurant type foods so overly salted/processed.
I've resumed my usual diet of foods w/out high sodium content and in 3 days I've dropped 3 pounds of that gain.  I should be back down that 7 by next week at this rate.

Ok, I am off to eat lunch, paint a bit, rest the foot, feed the puppies, take some quiche out of the freezer to thaw for dinner and then work on a blog post and answer some emails.

Project Runway tonight....woohoo!
I am so glad that drama queen Ken has been auf'd, aren't you?
I am thinking it's going to be Helen, Dom and Bradon at the Tents this time.....what do you think?




  1. I think those 3 would be great finalists! I can't believe the season is almost over already. Isn't there another all-stars one coming up after? I think Alyssa Milano is the host or something.

  2. I don't think I have EVER had a day that blogger worked as it should, even if I am just reading others' posts. Some days, it shows no one on my blog roll has posted in three days. Not true!

    2.5 hours is too long to be on your feet and you know that. I cannot even sit in the electric cart for long, so I shop and go home and shop later in the day or the next day to avoid so much pain AND so I can function the rest of the day.

    Of course, I don't have a husband, amazing or not, to help me. Good for you on picking such a gem. Don't you hate the sodium gain? I always just think how much stress this is putting on my system. Most days, I go no sodium so I can have that Diet Coke or chocolate bar. I have my priorities straight!

    Have you ever tried Mrs. Dash. Lemon Pepper is good on anything and there is no sodium. Even exbf likes it. When I met him, he made his plate of food white with salt and asked for a salt shaker if I did not put one on the table. Now, he eats everything mostly without salt. Of course, French fries and potato chips are eaten with relish and no regret but rarely.

    I have checked your to-do list often and it seems you no longer have pajama pants to sew.

  3. Not a TV person, so I can't say. The extra weight sounds like water weight, so you should hopefully see it go away by next week. Take it easy on your feet. a 2.5hr shopping trip would have MY feet saying no. And I work on my feet for 10+hrs at my pt job! (Ok, I do hate shopping, so maybe that's part of it...)

  4. Get your feet up woman!!! As for PR, I don't think Helen is going to pull it out with this one. I saw a preview and she's sobbing... and Tim is trying to slap her into getting serious. Well, it wasn't a physical slap, more like psychological. Looking forward to watching it over the weekend, so don't blow it for me!!!!
    You have an awesome husband.

  5. I am glad your hubby takes care of you when you need to take it easy.


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