Friday, September 20, 2013

Feeling Better Until I Think About Money

Well I lied it seems about stopping giving myself heparin shots.
My INR levels were still not within range so I had to continue the shots after Tuesday, but as of Thursday my levels are good so I am as of last night off the shots.

But I am still on the Coumadin pills and will be for months to come.
I got myself to the dr. on Wednesday but am still not ready to go out ballroom dancing. ;-)
And I'm still having pain enough to need pills for that.

I am navigating around the house better and taking the stairs on once or twice a day with the help of my trusty cane.

Next week I may try to walk to the mailbox.
Ooooo, how exciting! lol

Since my INR levels are sort of stable and good I have the green light to go on the Reunion trip next long as my foot says I can go.

In other news, the second pay of the month came in and I sat down to look at and pay bills.  I've transferred gobs of money from the Savings Challenge account to cover the House repair/remodel bill which I am paying the last invoice for a week from Monday, the supplies we had to buy for the remodel/repairs and to cover the bulk of the Summer Road Trip of 2013.

Even after moving all that $ and paying September's bills(except for any cash Hubs took out today that I don't know about yet and the long distance bill which hasn't arrived yet-it's only about $10 per mo.)we have at the moment $571.58 left from this month's income.

But that doesn't account for at least 1 more prescription refill this month and any cash I need to withdraw for food for the rest of the month.

Looks like there won't be much leftover from September, if any!, to throw into the savings pot.

We had an almost $2K school tax bill this month which we were expecting but add in an almost $600 dog surgery bill and another $600+ for a car repair and there goes any money leftover at the end of September.
Plus we overspent on miscellaneous/souvenirs/gifts for Christmas on the Road Trip in August to the tune of $400 which we are absorbing the cost of from monthly income and not covering with savings.

And #2 Son chooses this moment to bring home an envelope from the Band about a trip to D.C. in May 2014 to the tune of $500.....
And this is even after we paid for a Disney World Band trip in 2012 and a big chunk of a Cleveland Band trip in 2013 and we've told him that any further band trips are on HIS dime!

And that's right after he took advantage of my weakened/sick state to wheedle $200+  out of me for new clothes(which he Did need).

I am not a happy woman right at the moment as far as the money is concerned.

But I know things will be ok since we have no large irregular expenses from now until the end of 2013, so 3 months of income to try to save a portion of with no big obstacles.

Plus we have an extra paycheck month coming in November which I am going to try to put back into savings and not spend any from that!

We've got some Reunion trip spending coming up(only 2 nights so shouldn't be much extra)and a quick trip to OC in October(again, not too costly as it's a partial week and if we can stay out of the outrageously expensive restaurants down there we'll be golden)but overall expenses for the next 3 months look aok.  While Christmas will require some spending it shouldn't be too bad because I'm not a "let's spend all willy-nilly and not care what it costs at Christmas" type of person.

So I'm going to put the financial books away for a bit and not think about that all right now.

I'm off to get this foot elevated and go pop another Percocet.  Between the foot and talking about spending all this money, I don't know which hurts me worse.  8-))




  1. Speaking of the road trip-- From what I have read spending time on airplanes and taking long trips in the car are both responsible for blood clots up to 3 months later. So, I wonder if your problem started then and was exacerbated by the standing.

    When you go on the trip can you flex your calves to help alleviate the action of sitting on your veins? Getting out and walking around a bit would not be a bad idea.

    This blood clot must really hurt to be eating Percocet. When I had surgery on my torn meniscus, I happily and regularly took pain pills from Thursday evening to late Saturday afternoon. Then, holding onto the walker, I just tipped over to one side. After that accident with no one here but me, I just decided I could hurt and only took pain pills before bed.

    Not taking shots is great.

  2. As talented as that boy is you are going to deny him a band trip? I agree he can help with some of the expenses, but he is awfully good:):):)

  3. I've been meaning to comment on your blood clot, but haven't yet. I had to take Coumadin for a year and I know it sucks!! I never knew where my DVTs were... I didn't know I had them until I could breathe (ie. pulmonary emboli)... The key with Coumadin is to keep your diet consistent. You don't have to avoid green vegetables, you just have to eat about the same amount each day. My daily dose ended up being 8.5 per day, which is higher than most people, but i didn't sacrifice my green vegetables.

    And I agree on the road trip, the best thing you can do is stop and walk about 5 minutes every hour. You can also wear the compression stockings, but my cardiologist said I didn't need to do that (even though I have a desk job). He said the best and most effective is to do the walking for 5 minutes every hour.

    Let me know if you have any questions about Coumadin, I got pretty good at know what I would respond to and what I wouldn't. Hopefully they'll let you come off when your six months is up, it's a pain in the rear!

  4. Glad you are feeling better. It takes a while but it does happen! Like others have said--just get out and walk for a bit every so often. Did your doctor tell you to put your feet up every so often too? I'm supposed to put my feet up for 15 minutes every 2 hours--yeah, like that happens here!! Every time I lay down, I fall asleep!!! Compression stockings make my legs/feet feel so much better--though, I've read that some people shouldn't wear them. Any way--continue getting better and enjoy your reunion!!

  5. Could I have a Percocet? We are spending money at an incredible rate! Every time I think that I have a handle on things, something new pops up.


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