Wednesday, August 7, 2013

She's Here! She's Here!

Sorry I didn't post anything earlier today.

#2 Son had his wisdom tooth removal appointment this morning at 10:30am.
The oral surgeon's office called here at 7:30am to say they had a last minute opening at 8:30am and if we wanted to, we could come in, in an hour for that time.

I am barely awake, not cleaned up or dressed, haven't fed myself breakfast or taken my meds, haven't taken the dogs out yet this morning AND even more important.....I haven't woken the "patient" up yet so he isn't ready to leave.
So how am I going to get all this done PLUS drive a half an hour away to their office in the next 58 minutes.

What are these people thinking??.....or are they? lolz

So we get our morning routine done and I read a few blogs while I shoveled cold cereal into my mouth.

Then it was off to the appointment. 
An hour later I hauled #2 Son home(after a quick stop to pick up his Vicodin)and tried to make him comfortable.
The poor kid......the Vicodin wasn't helping relieve his pain much, so we added some Motrin PM, to help him get to sleep.
It's after 10pm and he just woke up so I guess it did the trick.  ;-)

When we got home,  I commenced cooking.  I smoked a pork shoulder and a mess of spareribs yesterday.  About noon I put them in a low and slow oven(200 degrees)for about 6 hours to finish them off.
I also made yellow squash casserole, collards and coleslaw(for the pulled pork sammies).

At around 3:30pm I heard a car pull up out front and ran out to see that Tanner had arrived.

Here she is in all her my kitchen....

The next 3 or 4 hours(see?....I don't even know how long it was!)flew by as we yakked it up.
And here I was worried that we'd run out of things to say........hahaha!!!

We gabbed and I finished cooking, Hubs came home and we ate and #2 son slept through the meal.

After our late dinner we settled down into the den and I subjected Tanner to Honey Boo-Boo.
I don't think she is a

Then I left her in front of the tv for a few episodes of Duck Dynasty while I checked my email, read some blogs and wrote this lame post up.

I'm dog tired and heading to bed early tonight.  But first I need to show Tanner to her room and where to park her stuff.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring.
Maybe we'll just hang out here or go out to lunch or sightseeing or go rob a bank......
Ok, I'm kidding about the sightseeing. ;-)



  1. Don't rob a bank but do have plenty of fun :)

  2. You girls have fun and stay out of trouble!!

  3. Jealous, I want Tanner to visit me! She is so young and cute.

  4. I really wish I was there :( But you two tear of the town!

  5. If you rob a bank, be sure to post about it!

  6. Hold on... what did I miss? Have I been skimming too much lately? Who is Tanner and why have you adopted her?

  7. Enjoy your time together, you two :)

  8. Busy day! Glad #2 came through his surgery with no complications so far!

    Quality time with a good friend! How cool is that?! Have fun! I'm off for a family gathering in Charlotte, NC tomorrow morning through Sunday.

    Peace <3

  9. She's super cute, & looks like (fun) trouble! :-)

  10. You guys have fun! I am not worried as I am sure you have bail money set aside.

  11. It's been such a crazy week for me I totally forgot Tanner was coming to stay with you! How fun - enjoy!

  12. We are living the same damned life! DJ is getting his teeth out in 2 weeks. Our stupid insurance will only pay for completely impacted teeth now. So we have to pay for 3 of the 4 teeth that need to be removed. Grrrrrr


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