Friday, June 21, 2013

Another Low Sodium Recipe....Homemade Alternative to Sloppy Joe Sauce

I made Sloppy Joes the other night for dinner and I didn't use a can of processed anything to make it!

Ok, so this picture is from the last time in May I made my own sauce for Sloppy Joes.  Humor me a minute willya? lol
I tried a different sauce recipe and we like this one even better.  It's got more of a 'bite' to it(but not spicy)due in part to the vinegar it calls for.

I found a recipe online and adapted it to our tastes.
Ok, so it was a little more complicated than ripping open a packet of pre-blended flavorings/spices full of salt or opening a can of premade sauce from the grocery store full of HFCS.....but not by much!

Here is my recipe for Sloppy Joes with homemade Sauce

* Brown 1.5-2 lbs. of ground beef/chicken/turkey/pork or any combination thereof.

* Add 1 med. chopped onion and 1/2 a bell pepper to the pan.(I used a 1/4 of a red and a yellow pepper instead.)

* When all veggies are soft, drain the grease from the pan.

* Add to the meat mixture the following ingredients and stir until mixed--

   *  3 TB Vinegar
   *  3 TB Brown Sugar
   *  2 TB Prepared Mustard
   *  1/2 tsp Garlic(minced or powdered)
   *  1 tsp Chili Powder
   *  1 TB Worcestershire Sauce
   *  1 3 oz. can of Tomato Paste
   *  3/4 can of Water(fill the now empty tomato paste can)

* Let simmer for 5 minutes and serve on rolls and with side dishes of your choice.

Mmm, Mmm, Good!



  1. Your family will be so much healthier eating like this. That recipe is very similar to what I make. Now, I am hungry. The can of tuna, the tomato, and all the salad greens did not last once I saw your sloppy joes! So, I suppose I will eat dinner again.

  2. I am going to try this. I'll probably add some red beans too -- since I can make them in my pressure cooker, there'd be no extra sauce.

    Sluggy, you'll be able to get by if you keep on cooking from scratch like this. Sodium is the number one reason I don't buy prepared food and largely why I stopped couponing.

  3. This sounds good! I am starving! It is a good thing dinner is almost ready.


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