Friday, November 2, 2012

If The Phone Rings One More Time......

Seriously, it will be so nice to be able to answer my phone again late next week.....well, after I let my "private secretary" aka answering machine screen my calls, which I always do anyway.

I am scratching my head here because obviously I didn't GET THE MEMO that if you are a registered Libertarian(which I am), that you should expect phone calls from both the Republicans and Democrats urging you to go to the polls and vote for their Flavor of the Year next Tuesday.

What part of "I won't participate in your FREAK SHOW anymore" don't these people understand?!?! LOLZ

Been there, done that.  Got the t-shirt.
Time to vote for UNITING my country, not for DIVIDING it.

Tell me I am not the only person who is sick to death of the smear campaigns and childish behavior of our politicians?

Tell Washington to stop pointing fingers at each other this year.
Get them out of your bedroom AND out of your wallet.


Sluggy-who was a Libertarian all along and never knew it


  1. For some reason Mitt thinks my husband is a fan. Sends him pictures all the time. I get them first and deface them with a Sharpie. I should staple them to utility polls.

  2. Guess that's a bonus of not being a citizen... I can't vote! Though the commercials are getting a bit annoying.

    1. I thought you lived in MD? Is your family from elsewhere?

  3. Alex,
    Great idea--defacing Romney mailings.

    You are right about chosing the lesser of two evils. Figure out how to get from under this system and I will go along with you.

    I really appreciate your right to think and vote as you please. However, I am in the process of convincing people who are voting their conscience that maybe their conscience will bother them if Romney wins. So, these people would all vote for Dems if they voted.

    Yes, I try to make them feel guilty. I cannot follow them in to vote, so maybe they will not waste their vote. Okay, I know that "wasting a vote" is an unpopular idea.

    1. The only way to get out from this duopoly is to STOP VOTING FOR IT!
      It's easy really.....just tick off the box(or hang the chad or whatever)for someone other than a Dem or a Rep.

      And if someone is voting their conscience it should NEVER bother them. Being uninformed and voting SHOULD bother you. ;-)
      And a vote is never can be cast unwisely or without regard for the consequences but voting your conscience is never wasting your vote.
      A wasted vote is a vote that is cast AGAINST something, not FOR something.
      People have been wasting their votes for ages unfortunately. 8-(

    2. I knew you were going to say something similar. However, the sad truth is that voting against something is the way most people vote. Often, that is our only choice--the lesser of two evils. Listen to the negatives coming from candidates!EVERY candidate encourages it.

  4. Sluggly, sadly everyone lumps all Libertarians into the undecided vote. Both Republicans and Democrats want your vote for that reason. Although I am Republican, I believe we should have a Libertarian candidate campaigning and on the debates. Sometimes only two choices are not enough. Only three more days of this craziness.


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