Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Government is Dangerous

The Founding Fathers understood government.
They knew is was a great tool but it was a dangerous one.
Left unrestricted, it becomes lethal.
An eye or a million, has to be kept on it at ALL times.

"Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master. "--George Washington

If not, we get elected officials who love their job so much that we can't get them to leave when they become unproductive.
They vote on their own salaries.....who wouldn't love that, right?
Nobody to deny you that raise you THINK you deserve, even if you've passed NO legislation like MY current Senator, Bob Casey.
It's been said of him that, "If he possessed a Super Power, it would be Invisibility."
Yes folks, if he didn't answer the roll call, no one would know he was IN Congrees!

Do you know the last time he sponsored legislation?
6.....SIX YEARS ago.
For 6 years we have been paying this man to do nothing but sit around in Washington and  do nothing.
His voting record, when he even votes, is abysmal.
But you know he shows up every payday and takes every perk allowed him.
And because none of these Legislators are STUPID enough to vote themselves Term Limits, we are doomed.

Have YOU got a crappy Senator?
I want to hear all about him/her.
I'll bet money mine is worse.  8-(



  1. You raise a particularly important point. Presidents are sitting ducks if Congress doesn't cooperate. We all need to investigate our senators before we go to vote...they are more important in decision making than we give them credit for. Thanks for the reminder. :)!

  2. I think they are all criminals. But if you are willing to bet money, yours are probably the worst. You and your money will never part!
    But then again IL isn't known for their honest politicians.

  3. Who in the world is that behind Nancy Pelosi??? The skit from SNL comes to mind...."Who's he, who's she, who's that....it's Pat!"

    That is either the ugliest woman alive or a somewhat less ugly man. YIKES!!!!!!!!!

  4. There should definitely be term limits so we can get rid of these people. We have Shumer for our senator. He has been around way too long!


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