Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rite-Aid August Last Trip & Wrap Up of Totals

I broke down Friday and went back to Rite-Aid to pick-up Daughter some supplies.  Yes, I sacrificed a wad of +Ups for her.......I must love her......

4 x Tampax tampons on sale $6.99=$27.96
1 x Oral-B Toothbrush on sale=$2.99
3 x Bic Markers on sale .99¢ea.=$2.97

Coupons Used
4 x $2/1 Tampax ManuQ(July P&G insert)=$8.00
1 x $1/1 Toothbrush In-Ad Q=$1.00
1 x $1/1 Oral-B toothbrush ManuQ=$1.00
1 x $1/1 Oral-B Oral Care booklet Q=$1.00
Coupon Total.....$11.00

$33.92-$11.00=$22.92 + .04tax=$22.96

I used $22 in +Up Rewards and put the .96¢ on my Gift Card.
And I received 2 x $5 +Ups back(Spend $15 in Pantene/Oral-B/Tampax/something else, Get $5...I did it twice, so 2 +Ups back).
I've submitted the 3 Bic packs for the $3 Bic SCRebate as well.
In the end I spent down $9 of my +Up Rewards(spent $22 +Ups, got back $10 +Ups and $3 cash rebate)on this stuff so each of the 8 items ultimately cost me $1.13.

Here are the August Grand Totals.....

Out Of Pocket....$.70  cash
Value of items bought....$554.18
Savings Rate of  99.87%
Single Check Rebate due....$8.00
After SCR applied, Out of Pocket.... -$7.30
Savings Rate  100%

+Ups at beginning of month...$14+
+Ups used....$184+
+Ups received...$188+
+Ups currently...$18+ 

I paid OOP .70¢ in August for $554.18 worth of goods.
In addition I'll get back $8 in cash rebates and I grew the +Up Rewards I started the month with by $4 at the end of the month.

How could someone NOT like Rite-Aid? ;-)


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