Saturday, September 15, 2012

Friday's Rite-Aid Pillaging

Here's what we did Friday on BIL's card after he opted out online in the morning.

Remember, he has $6 in +Ups loaded onto his card from last week. And I have $35 in paper +Ups, $32 of which I can use today.

10 x Assorted 2ltr. sodas on sale $1=$10.00
2 x Glad Trash Bags on sale $4.49=$8.98
2 x No Nonsense Socks BOGO50% sale=$6.48
1 x Plastic Drawer thing 50% off=$3.49
1 x Plastic Tote thing 50%off=$1.49

Coupons Used
2 x $1/3 2ltr Dr. Pepper sodas AdPerk Qs=$2.00
2 x $2/1 Glad trash bags AdPerk Qs=$4.00
2 x $1/1 Glad trash bags IPQ=$2.00
Coupon Total....$8.00


The $6 load2card +Ups applied bringing my total down to $16.44.
I used $16 of my +Up Rewards from yesterday and put the .44¢ on my gift card.
I received back $14 in +Up Rewards(2 x $3 Gatorade/Pepsi weekly and monthly, $3 WYB2 Glad, $5 WYB2 Nononsense).
And I'll submit the 2 plastic things for SCR #65 Get $5 cash back WYB 2 Gracious Living plastic ware items.  My local store doesn't stock this stuff. I spent $4.98 in +Ups and I'll get $5 cash back....sweet!

Basically with this order, plastic containers were free, the trash bags were free,  the 6 pr. of socks were $1.48 for all and the 10 2 liter sodas were $2 for all after coupons and +Up Rewards.

I'm 'down' $2 in +Ups but "up" $5 in cash rebates. 8-)

Transaction 2 went like this.....

10 x Gatorade NO BLUE ONES!lol on sale $1=$10.00
2 x Brach's Candy Corn Mix on sale $1=$2.00
2 x Mott's Applesauce on sale $2=$4.00

Coupons Used
1 x $1/2 Brach's bagged candies IPQ=$1.00

I used $15 in +Ups so $00 OOP.
I received $8 in +Up Rewards back (2 x $3 for Gatorade/Pepsi weekly and monthly, $1 WYB2 Mott's, $1 WYB2 Brach's candy corn).

In this order, after coupons and +Ups, the Gatorades were $4 for all(or .40¢ a piece), the candy corn was free and the applesauce cups were $1.50 per 6 pack(cheaper than the house brand on sale at the grocery store).
I used $15 and got $8 +Ups back, so I am 'down' $7 +Ups.

I now have $1 +Ups left from Thursday, $3 +Ups from this morning and $22 +Ups from Friday, so a total of $26 to use on Saturday.

The problem is only having 1 day left to roll these +Ups.  I planned out 2 transactions and I need to use $28 in +Ups for them(but I can only use $26 tomorrow), and I'll get back $18 in new +Ups.  This means if I buy everything I want to tomorrow, I'll have to spend $2 of ACTUAL money again!
Not liking this new rule at Rite-Aid.

September Grand Totals so far.....

Out Of Pocket....$38.65  cash
Value of items bought....$206.37
Savings Rate of  81.28%
Single Check Rebate due....$5.00
Other Rebates due......$3.00
After SCR applied, Out of Pocket.... $30.65
Savings Rate  85.15%

+Ups at beginning of month...$18+
+Ups used....$55+
+Ups received...$63+
+Ups currently...$26+ 

More from the Rite-Aid front lines on Saturday....



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    1. Hey there,
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