Saturday, August 25, 2012

Things That Grow That Are Green

Remember my bean vines that thought they were Kudzu?

Here is how it looks this week......

You can't even see the plant hook anymore! lol

This vine reminds me of the old segment of the movie CREEPSHOW.  The one where Stephen King plays Jordy Verrill, a not-too-bright Maine hick who ends up being swallowed up by strange vegetation that grows thanks to the alien slime that came out of a meteor he poked when it fell to Earth on his land.

I don't recall any meteors falling in the backyard so I think I am safe from that characters fate at least. ;-)

I did get the wind chimes taken off and moved before it totally enveloped the pole.
And now look at the plant hook pole on the other side of the deck where I moved the chimes to......

The wind chimes are starting to get swallowed up again.....this time by the volunteer Morning Glory vines on this end of the garden bed.

I have run out of places to hang the chimes now.
I guess I'll take them down until I can hang them up again on the other pole in a couple of weeks when the bean vines are done and can be pulled up.

What's new in your garden this week?


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