Thursday, August 2, 2012

Larry Is My Boy!

I haven't said anything about the whole Chik-Fil-A Brew-ha-ha......until now...... ;-)

I think Larry Winget has hit the nail on the head on this whole issue.
Give him a listen.....

Now tell me what you think.



  1. He's right!
    Plus, I love how he "secretly" plugged his books selling on Amazon. That's smart!

    1. larry is nothing if not smart.... ;-)

  2. Amen! He hit the nail right on the head. Oops, you already said that! He is quite the level-headed fellow!

  3. He is right. It is scary how little by little our freedoms are being taken away. Too many Christians have NOT been standing up for what they believe, so now crazy stuff like this will continue to happen.

    blessings, jill

  4. You know I have said this before, but I remember the race riots of the 60's when a black skinned person had to eat outside, I thought it was ridiculous even as a little girl. Now we have the gay issue. Change it is a coming, but you will always have the ignorant and hateful trying to force their opinions on you. Look where we have come on the race issue in 50 years?

  5. If you are asking if I agree that restricting commerce is government going too far, I do, but I also understand that municipalities have prevented stores such as Wal-Mart from coming into their cities and neighborhoods. I don't see the difference.

    As for Chik-Fil-A restaurants, I won't patronize them. I ate there once, didn't like it, know it's not healthy, so had already decided against giving them my business/money. Their stance on gay marriage only reinforces my decision.

    1. It IS different if the local govt. entity is preventing a store from coming into their city for business reasons or for ordinance, the store will cause problems with the increased traffic to that area, or they can't support the sewage capacity it will need. If the govt. entity keeps a store from opening because the owner personally can't stand children or believes that ancient Mayans were brought here by extraterrestrials then that is not a basis for denying the business a license to operate.

      Now the people can band together to fight a business coming to their's been done lots. The People have a right to say if they want that business in their town....they have their say by petitioning, getting referendums on ballots and voting. The govt. official has NO right to arbitrarily make that decision based on what he thinks of the business owner's beliefs. The govt. entity is there to act FOR the people, do the people's biding, NOT to do what he/she wants done. Yes, he/she is elected but he/she serves at the pleasure of the citizens and is sworn to do their biding.
      And as Forrest Gump said, "That's all I have to say about that." ;-)


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