Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm The Mother of A Bonafide Adult Today!

As of today, at 4:37 pm I have become the mother of a 21 year old adult.
Yes, my oldest child turns 21 today.

Here he is on New Years Eve when he was 18,  pretending his sparkling cider was 30 proof.  He's a real jokster, he is.  I wonder where he gets his most excellent sense of humor from?.....

I can only hope that the worst thing he'll do tonight is wear a lamp
Actually, he has to wait until Saturday, his day off from his camp job, to tie one on, legally for the 1st time.

I don't have any funny/exciting birthing stories for this kid.   He came nine days early after 4.5 hours of actual "real" pushing labor(Ugh!) and he weighed the 7.5 lb. average amount for a boy baby.   He had a full head of hair and his head wasn't misshaped from the journey, which had all the L&M nurses ooing and ahing over him that he was so beautiful.  Luckily, he was too young to understand all that attention because if he had, he would have been impossible to live with the next 18 years. Yes, he has always had a high opinion of himself. lol

The only funny story I have is that my OB doctor kept telling me from 7 months onward at appointments that I should resign myself to having a C-section.
The doc would measure my belly at each appointment and at the rate it was growing, along with my weight gain, he said my baby was going to be ginormous.
Ok, maybe he didn't say ginormous....

The doctor, who was about 70 at the time... so you know he had birthed him a bucket load of babies.....he "knew" that this baby, if he went full term, was going to top out at OVER 10 lbs.   
10 lbs. easy he kept telling me!  So don't even go to Childbirth Class because you won't need it, he said.
With me being a person of small stature, there was no way in hell this behemoth baby was coming out the natural way was his esteemed opinion.

Well, turns out that the vast real estate that was my belly and uterus was NOT all baby!  I had an extremely large amount of amniotic fluid in there.  While most fetuses have a "kiddie pool" to swim around in, my son had himself an Olympic sized competition pool.  I know he did, because for 5 months I could feel him doing laps of the butterfly

My water broke at 2am on the 12th.  A pretty good sized gush it was, no dribbling and no confusion about it just being a prego lady pee leak.  It continued to break for 2 hours.  Every time I moved between my bed, the bathroom, the car,  the hospital wheelchair, hospital bed and again when they did an internal check, another "pocket" of water would be released and I left puddles of fluid.
I am an Aquarian so I guess it's only natural. ;-)

So the ginormous baby was not.  He was just the right size and fit nicely exiting the theater.

But how did he get from this......

To this.....making Christmas cookies this past Holiday for his steady Girlfriend.....

I tried to get him to learn to cook for YEARS but it took a girl he likes to get him motivated to finally try!

In less than 1 year he'll have graduated college and be officially on his own.
And in spite of having survived the trials of his parents, learning to parent on him first, he survived and thrived.

Another few years and I can kick it into Grandma Mode.......!

Happy 21st Birthday Matt!



  1. I'm going to have one of those adult kids in a couple of months, too!

  2. Happy Birthday to Matt! Funny, your pregnancy and birth story is almost identical with when I had my first. They told me that I would have a gigantic baby and after hours and hours of pushing I had a 8.1 lbs cutie pie :)

  3. Happy Birthday to Matt!

    And now I'm hungry for Christmas cookies...

  4. Cute baby, cute kid (er, man?) My doctor estimated my 3rd at 7 lbs. but he was an ounce short of 10 lbs. And this was after a detailed ultrasound near term. If they're off by that much... um - credibility lost.

  5. Happy having a baby anniversary!

  6. I so love the way you write... Rotfl!! Happy birthday to your "baby"! :) Hope he behaves himself! (mostly) ;)

  7. sluggy,
    If he does not behave, maybe he will stay safe! Hey, now just where did he learn to imitate being drunk? Cute baby! Don't you love the serious faces the have sometimes? I remember how shocking it was to have my oldest turn 21, and the next turn 21, and the last turn 21. Gee, now they are all working on the depressing.

    I love the Olympic pool image. I just plain love all your images!!!!

  8. Happy birthday to your baby!!!

    Mine turned 21 two weeks ago and already has an OWI...

    Ah... life is good... :\


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