Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Finished Buying Gift Cards

Well I did the gift card Cat Deal at Weis Markets 2 more times.  This was 1 time short of my goal of 3 more times, but I didn't have my car one day due to the Daughter having to take it to work.
So 2 times had to be enough.

I got some more soda and coffee along with each of the gift cards(purchased in separate transactions) so I received 2 more of the smaller denomination Cats as well as the $10 Cats.
And I am back up to 70 gas points, so I can fill my minivan's tank by Saturday at $2.65 a gallon.

I also went back to Rite-Aid and bought 2 more of the "Home Improvement" Gift Cards that were generating $10 +Ups and used the BIL's Wellness card.

Since I spent the 1st $10 Cat and other smaller Cats already I have left to spend......

6 x $10 OYNO Cat
1 x $5 OYNO Cat
2 x $4 OYNO Cat
2 x $2 OYNO Cat
1 x $5 Weis Gift Card

4 $10 +Up Rewards(Rite-Aid)

For a total of $83 in free food at Weis and $40 in free food/toiletries at Rite-Aid left to use.

$200 in Lowe's Gift Cards
$200 in "Home Improvement" Stores Gift Cards
2 x $25 Restaurant Gift Cards
$100 Kohl's Gift Cards**used already**

I'm OOP $550 for $550 worth of stuff I have to buy anyway.
And I have $123 worth of free food/toiletries as a bonus.
Plus I have another 70 gas points to use by the end of this week.

And the Cats I spent already($22.50 worth), helped me get my food spending last week down a bit more.

If you have to spend money, why not find a way to get something extra for spending it?! 8-)

Another scenario where I would buy gift cards when you would get a $XX Bonus Catalina is for Christmas(or Birthday or other gift occasions in your life).

If you have to cash on hand to spare or tie-up  until the gift is needed AND you are sure the recipient needs/wants/can use the gift card you are buying(or you can use the gift card to go and buy an actual "thing" present when the time comes to "gift" them), then wait for a Catalina Bonus when you buy gift cards at the grocery store and then go purchase them.  Gift cards are easy to store and don't take up the amount of room buying actual gifts can.  You don't need a gift room or gift closet to store these presents, just an envelope in your desk or a sock drawer.
But you DO need the spare cash and that doesn't mean to use money in your Emergency Fund to pay for them.
Gifting is not an emergency situation, no matter what your kids tell you......



  1. Great deals!! I did Rite Aid home improvement card too. Already used it :)

    1. These gift card deals are awesome, aren't they?

  2. Replies
    1. Wish it happened more around here.
      But the deals are not what they use to be.
      How am I wishing for the good old days of high value coupons and awesome grocery store deals?lol


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