Monday, June 11, 2012

Food spending JUNE Week 1 & Meal Planning June Week 2

Yes, we survived the "Guess Who's Coming to Stay?" Meal Plan Week here at Chez Sluggy.

I thank you for all your input and concern over my dinner guests and their, dare I say it?.....bizarre/narrow..... food habits.
I asked for some input from said guests and then just cooked what I wanted anyway.
Because that's how Sluggy
And here is the meal plan that actually happened last week.....

SUNDAY--Chinese Take-Out
MONDAY--BLT sandwiches
(These 2 nights were easy, no guests yet!)
TUESDAY--Ham, boxed mac&cheese, yellow squash
WEDNESDAY--Chicken Fajitas
THURSDAY--Dinner Out
FRIDAY--Salmon with Bourbon Maple Glaze, Green Beans, Sweet Potato Fries
(All gone so Sat. was easy too.)
SATURDAY--Steak, Baked Beans, Spinach Salad, Sweet Potato Fries

Company was here from Tuesday to Friday.
I waited to go shopping for the week until company arrived on Tuesday and then I took them to the store with me. 
For Tuesday I pulled leftover ham slices from Easter out of the freezer.  I knew they'd eat boring, bland ham. Their favorite food in the whole world is boxed Mac&cheese.  
Do you see what I am saying?lol
So I fixed 2 boxes of that with the ham.  It took a few tries in the fresh produce department with them on Tuesday afternoon to find a vegetable that they would eat/that I could fix a way they would eat it, thus we got sauted yellow squash.
Tuesday dinner....check!

I decided to just go with Chicken Fajitas for Wednesday.  1 of the company loves Mexican so at least 1 would eat.  I didn't make it spicy at all so the other company hopefully wouldn't have digestive issues brought about by the dinner. 
Fresh mushrooms and red bell peppers were purchased, as well as onions and I slivered up the leftover squash I didn't cook for Tuesday to put into the Fajita veggie mix.  I spent about $13 on Wed.'s meal including a big bag of onions, container of sour cream, tortillas, all of which I have leftovers of for another meal. (I had chicken and cheese in the freezer already.)

On Thursday we ate out.  Nobody even thinks to offer to pay for their meals when we go out as a group.
The company all thinks we are millionaires.  I guess they don't see the tens of thousands of dollars a year we are paying out for college.  I scrimp and pinch every nickel, do without the niceties of life, and Hubs works a highly stressful job, working hours above and beyond, we consider driving to Columbus, Ohio for a few days a stylin' vacation while his colleagues cruise around Europe, so that we can drop $100 for their plates of meatloaf, taters and gravy at Bob Evans.
But I digress....

On Friday, down to 1 company again, I dug salmon fillets and a bag of sweet potato fries out of the freezer, and the company picked the veggie du jour--a bag of green beans....*yawn* of the few green foods they will eat.  The company doesn't "do" accents like sauces, glazes, butter, most any condiment so the bourbon maple glaze was only well received by Hubs and I.  It was FANTASTIC!!
Daughter turned her nose up at dinner when she came through the door after work.
I cooked an expensive piece of salmon for her(her favorite type of fish)and she wouldn't eat it.
So I made a note to stop cooking for her altogether and I ATE that FISH for lunch on Saturday.
Salmon is too pricey and wonderful to let it go to waste!
So that is how I survived the Food Week.

The weekly food spending was $116.94 this past week.  Go look HERE if you want to lowdown on what was bought and my rationalization for spending so
I've given myself $400 for food this month so I have about $283 left.
Once #2 Son goes to camp next week the 2nd half of June's actual food expenses will plummet.  This will leave me tons of cash to restock the pantry, IF some good rock bottom price deals come along.
We shall see if they do.....


This week's menu.....
SUNDAY--Spaghetti with Sausage and Vegetable Pasta
MONDAY--Taco Bell
TUESDAY--Burgers on Roll, COC
WEDNESDAY--Barbecue Chicken, Grilled Squashes
THURSDAY--Hamburger Helper type meal, Tossed Salad
FRIDAY--Baked Potatoes with Toppings, Brussel Sprouts
SATURDAY--Shrimp(maybe with Grits, maybe grilled with Garlic), whatever else is leftover from the week

6 home cooked meals this week and I night of take-out.
Things I need to purchase this week to serve this menu.....Rolls, COC, 1 or 2 Squash(to go with the 1 squash leftover from last week), Ground Beef(I am totally out!), Salad Greens, Shrimp, Potatoes.
The only leftovers going into this week are the fajita mix, tortillas and a slice of ham.  I'll have the fajitas for lunches(2 or 3 tortillas' worth)and probably make a ham garnish for the dogs' dinner with the ham because fresh ham is boring and bland but leftover twice heated ham is akin to ham jerky.

So what is everyone else eating this week?



  1. You're too good. I would've fed them scrambled eggs and rice all 4 days.

  2. I would suddenly become ill next time they come to town. Suggest they cook or just go get their own dinner out. Let them use your freezer food and hide the good stuff. Have lots of canned green beans! They will go out to eat on their own. Guarantee!

    You can have all your food to eat for the week packaged and frozen like it is leftovers! Thy won't want that, for sure.

    Don't give them cash or cc, just don't feed Kids will have to eat "leftovers" for the duration.

    I think this plan will work!

    Daughter won't eat? She has money and can cook!

  3. Price Rite has red peppers for $1.29 so we had an awesome veggie pizza. We are getting into tomato season too. I never know what we are going to eat until I come home and start cooking -- which is so tiring. I do not envy you with your audience. When you only have a husband to cook for, you have a grateful consumer. The whole cooking thing is a lot of effort, but I get a lot of positive regard out of it. I think you need to ditch your people....

  4. Tanner--I did do scrambled eggs for breakfast 1 morning. They can't eat white rice though due to diabetes.....Hmmm, maybe I'll hide it in the food next year. Yes, I am evil!lol

    Practical P--I'm considering a gastric bypass next year so I don't have to go through this again. If I can't eat then I am NOT cooking for

  5. Alex M--Veggie Pizza sounds great! I've got a hunk of pizza dough leftover in the freezer....maybe I'll do grilled squash pizza instead of something else this week. I like having the flexibility of changing or moving the meals around to suit our tastes. Hubs is great to cook for, the teens not so much. I'm serious about not cooking for the Daughter, I mean what I say. The Son either eats what I make or finds something else(like PBJ, Ramen, Pancakes or Corn Dogs and then I insist of something veggie too). 1 more year and the daughter is ditched, 2 more years and the son. Almost there, almost there.....

  6. I love it how young people "are not in the mood" for what it is cooked or don't like their own mother's cooking. I am in the mood for whatever someone else is kink enough to cook. Plus, English peas and cantaloupe were the only things my mother served that I refused to eat. That refusal did not derail her meal plan.

  7. wow. And she wouldn't even eat the salmon?! I'm glad you survived. I probably would have hid in my room until they were gone.

  8. Why is it we scrimp and save and no one understands why we do this? We are either looked at as nuts for being so tight with our money or rich.


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