Thursday, April 12, 2012

Playing Around With My New Toy

I got me a new toy today and I've been playing around with it.

Hubs had given me a gift card for Christmas to Best Buy.
I don't "do" random electronic toys....that includes fancy phones, computer games, iAnythings, etc.

But I did tell him I wanted to upgrade my digital camera since it's so old you can't even get one now with so few pixels or

Hence the gift card gift for the Holidays.

But since my camera still works fine....for the most part.....I decided to spend the gc on a portable wand scanner instead, as I NEED that more.

I've been wanting to digitize all my old family photos.  We have a flatbed scanner here but 95% of the old photos my mother had glued into scrapbooks.  And after trying to wrestle scrapbook pages for a couple of days onto the bed of the scanner I realized that A-it makes a crappy copy of a photo and B-it takes WAY too much time and effort to do this job with the wrong tools.

So I spent my Christmas money on a wand scanner and a sd card for it.  It only cost me $43 after the gift card.  Not a bad deal!
Plus, if I ever get the yen to go to the airport and impersonate a security employee I am all set. lol

So while I play with my new toy, here are some photos to keep you busy.
This is my mother's school photo from 1941. She is 7 years old.
MARK please notice that nowhere does it say "Lifetouch"......

Here is my mother on her 26th birthday.  Love the lamp in the background, the linoleum floor and the kitchen dining set.....

Here is a photo of my mother and her parents.  I am unsure of the year but I am guessing it's from
1944 or 1945.....
Now I'm off to find some color photos.......



  1. What brand did you buy? That sounds like what I need. The handheld scanner makes amazingly good digital copies.

  2. Sorry if this is off subject.Could you tell me what happened to judy's blog ? Finally frugal but happy? Is she coming back? Love your blog ! Thanks Pam

  3. If this post title was on SonyaAnn's blog, I would have figured a different "toy" LOL.

  4. PracticalP--It's called the Magic Wand made by VuPoint. $110 at Best Buy. 1 year warranty. I hope I can get all the photos scanned within the

    1. That is the one I looked at and read the reviews. Most reviews did not like it. But, even with the posting on the internet, the pictures look great! I understand the hoping to do the pictures in a year. Hey, if you work it and wear it out, return it for another, you still have won!

  5. Pammycakes--Not sure what's up with Judy now. I sent her an email earlier this week and haven't hear anything from her in 2 weeks. I'm sure she'll pop back when she gets whatever is going on settled. If I hear anything, I'll post it on the blog too.

  6. Sheila--LOL Yes, a MUCH different toy!

  7. I didn't even know there were handheld scanners! Hmm...

  8. Karen--Yep....very handy sometimes that it's portable.


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