Saturday, February 18, 2012

You Like Me, You Really Like Me!

This is the Versatile Blogger award which I was presented with by B-Kat over at Slay The Monster.
She just paid off her mortgage by the way, so go give her a nice pat on the back, won't you?

There are 2 rules that come with this prestigious honor....yes, make it sound like a grand event now, don't I?lol

Rule 1--Pass on this Versatile Blogger award to 5 other deserving VERSATILE bloggers!
And the award goes to.....

A Mom Money and More
Finally Frugal and Happy
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Two Girls One Budget
Our Simple Lives

The second rule is to tell you 7 random things you don't know about me....oh, like anyone cares!
If you have nothing better to do(contemplating one's navel comes to mind), here are my 7 things.......

1.  My Great Uncle once gave me 4 wild rabbits he trapped, to raise as pets.  Within 1 year I had 52 rabbits.
2.  The high school I attended no longer exists.
3. I have driven a Chevy Chevette around Manhattan(more than once)and almost had it stolen once in Times Square.
4.  I have never attended a high school Prom.
5.  I have sung with the Naval Academy chorus and it was broadcast on the radio.
6.  In high school, some friends and I stole a duck out of a pond because we needed it to appear on stage in a skit we wrote.  It was returned with nary a feather out of place.
7.  I worked for awhile in Brooklyn with the sister of Michael Tylo.  If you ever watched "The Guiding Light", you know he played Quniton Chamberlain(aka Quinton McCord).....of Quint and Nola fame.....or "Quola" as die-hard GL fans refer to them as a couple......

Therefore, if I ever have to play "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" I can link to Kev in 3 moves....

I worked with Teri Tylo, who is sister to Micheal Tylo, who worked on GL(from 1981-1985/1996-1997) with Kevin Bacon, who played Phillip Spaulding (from 1981-1982).

And this proves that you NEVER know what you'll find here! ;-)



  1. Yes, Sally, we really like you. Really. When you start talking soap operas, it all goes right over my head.

  2. Of course I love you! That is why your are one of my favorite peeps :) Congratulations on your award!

  3. I never knew kevin bacon was in a soap opera so there you go, I learned something new today. I'll be back tomorrow to see what else I can pick up:)

  4. Did you dress as cat burglars before stealing the duck? Did you communicate with your friends via walkie-talkie and say things like "Nightingale, this is Sluggy, do you copy? We have the target in sight. I repeat, we have the target in sight."

    (I'll finally have my seven facts ready tomorrow, if I can stop trying to picture the duck theft.)

  5. I love shiny awards! I'll hang it up when I get a few moments. I've been out of town for a few days.


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