Saturday, January 21, 2012

More Rite-Aid Fun!

So we had BIL's Wellness card at $82 toward the Resolution Reward.
I went back to Rite-Aid late yesterday before the snow hit and bought this.....

Basically it's the Theraflu deal again with a pack of lighbulbs thrown in.

3 x Theraflu on sale $5(must buy 3)=$15.00
1 x Lightbulbs on sale=$2.99
1 x had the cashier ring up .01 manually=$.01 *--watch the magic!

Coupons Used
1 x $3/2 Theraflu IPQ=$3.00
1 x $2/1 Theraflu IPQ=$2.00
1 x $3/2 Theraflu PeelieQ on package=$3.00
1 x $2 In-Ad Lightbulb Sales flyer Q=$2.00
Coupon Total....$10.00

$18.00-$10.00=$8.00 OOP
I used $8 in +Up Rewards to pay.
I received $5 back in +Up Rewards(for the Theraflu).

$17.99 toward the Resolution Reward total brought BIL's card to $99.99 which triggered the $20 +Up Reward to print.....yay!

Total +Ups earned this trip....$25.00

*-This Rite-Aid will add a penny or two to your total manually if you are that close to being able to use an +Up Reward.  I found that out last month when I was a penny below the amount needed to use an +Up Reward, and the Asst. Manager said they would/could do this.  Who am I to argue, right?lol

I went back in to shop to get a Tom's Deodorant on my card......

1 x Tom's of Maine Deodorant on sale=$3.99
1 x Lightbulbs on sale=$2.99
1 x Cella cherry w/wellness discount=$.26

Coupons Used
1 x $2/1 Lightbulbs In-Ad Sales flyer Q=$2.00
Coupon Total....$2.00

$7.24-$2.00=$5.24 OOP
I used the $5 +Up BIL got for the Theraflu purchase and put the .24¢ on my Rite-Aid gift card.
I earned $3 +Up Reward for the Deodorant.

I could have had the cashier manually up my subtotal to $7.00 and not bought the cherry, using just the $5 +Ups and no OOP to pay.  But she had such problems doing it the first time, I just 'ate' the, the overage and the cherry.  ;-)

So we are finished with the Resolution Reward a week before the deadline of Jan. 28th to earn it.
Some of our +Ups expire on 2/4/12 so we don't need to go back to Rite-Aid for 2 more weeks, unless a great deal happens.....a great deal that we need!



  1. CVS cahier just said "sorry" when I came within a penny. I had her cancel the whole transaction. Next time, I will point out how Rite Aid helps the customer out.

  2. :( My cvs won't round up anything so I usually wind up looking for something really cheap to make it. You are a coupon god

  3. Sluggy,
    I notice how you always manage to get a Cella. You are a woman after my own heart. I have been resisting buying a box. I bought one box and Christmas and promised myself I would buy no more. Sigh....trying to be good.


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