Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The GREAT PURGE of 2011.....Final Numbers!

Longtime readers will remember I posted back in May of 2011 about my Great Purge of 2011.
The post is HERE.
That was when I posted my intention to Declutter my home/life BIGTIME in 2011.
I actually began sending loads to Salvation Army in February of 2011 and had already donated 3 carloads to charity by the time I publicly announced 2011 was The Year of the Purge.

I just finished going through all my paperwork in preparation for tax time later this month and here are the final results for The Great Purge of 2011.
*Now before you freak about when you see the amount of things I got rid of, remember that I was emptying a storage unit of merchandise as well as personal items in my home.

16 Loads of Stuff
1,016 Items were donated to charity and left my house.

In addition.....
3 Loads of Food/Toiletries
314 Items were donated to the local Food Bank.
(This doesn't include the items given to family in need.)

I know many of you enjoyed my Decluttering P*rn last year.
And I am here to tell you that you are in luck!

While I had a great year of getting rid of stuff at Chez Sluggy in 2011, the job is/was so massive that not everything that needs to leave has left yet.......
Meaning the Great Purge of 2011 is extending into the Great Purge of 2012!

Yes, another year of P*rn until it is all G.O.N.E.

I've already got half of a load ready to go to Salvation Army later this week....woohoo!

So stick around for more Decluttering P*rn here at "Don't Read This; It's Boring!".

I know some of my blogging friends were on the decluttering warpath at some point last year.....MARK and ALEX M. to name a couple.  They both did(or are doing)a fantastic job!  A round of applause to each of them. 8-)

So what about you?.....Did you declutter in 2011?
Do you need to declutter in 2012?

Why don't you join along and get rid of all that crap that isn't working in your life!
Just make a commitment and get moving on it!!
And once you start letting go of stuff, stop bringing more stuff in to replace it!
Yeah, it's kind of important to do that STOP buying/collecting part unless you just want to ALWAYS be intensely decluttering until you die.

Leave a comment about your decluttering successes of 2011 and your hopes and plans for 2012.
We all want to see your p*rn and cheer YOU on too!



  1. Is that an actual painting of you screaming in your house at the top?
    Sluggy, congratulations on a successful year. It's hard to believe you got rid of so much stuff and that you have more to go. I mean, I do too but I was only working with a 365 item count. And, according to the Family, they use everything else currently. They actually don't but you know how it is.
    Once again, good job and I can't wait to see what you do in 2012. m.

  2. I think a conservative estimate would be about 1000 items left my home, some to a thrift store and a few were sold. My home became smaller, so there was less room for stuff. I never had clutter, even organized clutter. But, when you live all alone in a large home, nothing looks like clutter.

    All of a sudden, there were things belonging to my children to send away to them, things that were just here, not bothering a soul. Classics left the bookshelves and more out-of-print books left. Then, there was the truly clutter/trash kind of thing.

    You want pictures? Okay.

    2012 will see all my "stuff" organized and the extraneous items gone. I found a jewelry box with costume jewelry from 1968 to 1990. It will all mostly be sold. Who needs a mood ring? Not I!

  3. I did my tax donation this week and I got rid of quite a few things in 2011..but like you, there's still more!!

    I'm just glad I organized my give-aways so tax time is really easy! :)!

  4. You did a great job in 2011 with that decluttering. I have moved twice in ( well actually 3 times if you count the 4 months in apt. waiting for our house to be built in NY)12 years. I did a major declutter in 2001 when we moved to AZ. Since then, I declutter every three months before it gets ahead of me. I find that so much easier.

  5. Sluggy, you are, in so many ways, an inspiration. I realize that I now have three skids of stacked boxes to move. Which means my new smaller house will *still* be cluttered if I don't get more ruthless. Please give me strength!!!!

  6. No, no, no! I said that wrong! The out-of-print books stayed right here!

  7. Last year I made a commitment to declutter one room in our house/month. I made it for 8ish months & then stopped. I am pretty good about not decluttering, but we have a few areas of the house that are out of control. *ahem* garage, dear husband. :-) I'm still working on it, and am committed ot make progress in 2012.

  8. I need you to talk to my mother-in-law....

  9. You did great, Sluggy! I can't declutter here. All the clutter is Hubby's stuff. LOL!


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