Friday, September 23, 2011

When You are a Plant, There is a Thing As Too Much Rain!

I can't remember if I shared this photo yet....yes, it's hell getting
Late last month I harvested my banana peppers.  There were a few left on the plants that were still green but I think the rabbits have since stripped the leaves and peppers that are left.

And I had a tremendous bounty of pie pumpkins out in the yard....

Last I counted there were 9 pumpkins.
Then the rains from 2 Hurricanes came through within a week of each other, dumping 16 inches on our yard.
All my ripened pumpkins rotted or fell victim to hungry chipmunks.
Same fate befell many of my tomatoes.

I was able to pick/save enough tomatoes to make one large batch of pasta sauce(besides the few we ate on sandwiches).  There will be no canning of tomatoes this year......

I was able to save one pumpkin....

Well, the chipmunks did nibble on it....

I cut that part off, roasted, pureed and froze the pulp.
The good news with the pumpkins is that there are two still out there that are just ripening now, so not all is lost.  I'll be picking and bringing them inside this weekend.

 And my volunteer Morning Glories survived the rainfall, dried out finally and are still blooming.

We'll be closing up the pool and the gardens this weekend.
Fall is officially here and the changing leaves have already stepped up the rate at which they are a changin'.

Here's hoping you can get outside this weekend and get your hands dirty!



  1. Sluggy, Fred and I were about to head to the beach tomorrow without the children. But, it looks as if it might rain so we are staying home. The good news is, my Mom is still watching the kids for us so that we can have a mini-staycation. I'll be too busy to come help you with your sales. Sorry. m.

  2. Aw....shucks! I'm sorry you're getting rained out.
    And I forgive you for choosing Fred over me.....THIS time...... ;-)

    I'll just have to go hang out with SonyaAnn instead. Send over a box of wine!

  3. We closed the pool 3 weeks ago. I was glad to see it covered this year after the hell that it gave me when we opened it.
    Sorry about your tomatoes and other plants. You are welcome to the few green crappy tomatoes that I have.

  4. Do not complain about too much rain! We still have had almost none even after getting a sprinkle last weekend. Sigh. We have now been in drought mode for over a year. Everything is dying here.

  5. I love your little pumpkin! My pumpkin and other seedlings were sorely neglected in the aftermath of the tornado. Wormy, cast-off pumpkins for the girls suited them just fine...gotten from someone. You can decorate with the whole pumpkin and then eat it. Are you going to dry the pumpkin seeds for eating? With gardening, there is always next year...sigh.

  6. My container garden did about as well this year as all my other recent gardening attempts -- in other words, it sorta sucked :) But I got a few salads-worth of grape tomatoes from those plants, and a few extra leaves of basil from that little plant and I might still have a brussels sprout or two to try from those plants... Not sure if I'll even bother again next year or not.

    Two of my gorgeous lilac bushes died (or look dead now) because they were flooded out at the roots. All I can do is wait till spring and see if anything comes back... So sad - I loooove those lilacs in the spring!


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