Friday, September 16, 2011

It Done Rained on my Master Plan

Circumstances beyond my control(isn't EVERYTHING pretty much beyond my control?lol)have caused me to change my Decluttering plans.

Here is what I was going to do....
1. Sell Stockpile goods leftover from Garage Sales at the local Flea Market.  Hopefully this would leave me with little extra stock to store away for later.
2.  Go through boxes of  "Stuff to Sell" in storage unit.  Sort into 3 piles--A)eBay worthy, B)Charity Donation worthy, C)Toy Sale worthy.
Many of the things I haven't put on eBay yet in storage are not worth the expense or time involved to sell them there any longer.  Prices are down, shipping costs are up and fees well, I don't even want to THINK about the cost of some of those anymore!!
So I'll be sorting through every single item in every single box.  If it's still worth putting on eBay, I will do that.  If it's not worth selling there, it goes into my Garage Sale Toy stack.  I plan on filling the garage with all this stuff, advertising it and having a big Before Christmas Toy Sale.  Garage Sale prices on new in the package older toys and collectibles.
And after I hold this, there will be many donations to charity with what is left.
3. Hold the Garage Sale Toy Sale.  This will require a massive reorganizing and temporary cleaning out of the garage as soon as possible.  I am shooting for mid October to hold the sale....close enough to Christmas to get people to buy but not so cold that we can't open the garage door and extend the area were we can display items since it is NOT all going to fit inside the garage.
Trust's an ass ton! ;-)
After the Master Plan is implemented, I would be able to fit everything I have in storage into the garage(no, we don't actually keep CARS in our garage....what of it?lol)and stop renting that unit.

Well that WAS the plan.....

Hubs and I were going to do the local Flea Market this Sunday or next at the local drive-inn theater.
We've had a couple of successful outings there in the past 2 years selling my excess Stockpile of Toiletries/Food/Household Goods.
You can read about our 1st trip in Oct. of 2009 HERE and our 2nd trip in May of 2010 HERE.

Then The Great Flood of 2011 happened.
The Drive-In was decimated by the flood so it is closed under further notice.
I can't share photos of the damage so if you'd like to see it, go to their Facebook Page.

I feel badly for their losses and I hope they can rebuild.  It would be a shame to lose them.

So no flea market for me.
Now I have to box up all the leftover toiletry goods and find a place for them in the storage unit temporarily.

The 2nd part of my "Master Plan" has now begun.  I've gone through 30 boxes so far and need to make another trip to storage for more boxes to sort through.  Most of the stuff so far has gone into the Garage Toy Sale pile.  This is my main chore for this weekend.

Next week I start Part 3--Getting the garage cleaned up and rearranged to display all the toys, deciding on what day to hold the Sale and getting the word out to advertise it.

Back to plowing through the stuff.
Wish me luck!

So what's on your weekend agenda?



  1. Sluggy, I need to get back to my de-cluttering too. I need to get rid of about 130 items to reach my 365 goal. I may have about 10 items but then I'm running out of things. That's a good thing but bad since I won't make my goal. We'll see!
    Enjoy your crazy weekend!

  2. I am going to camp. But after this week or next, our contractors should mostly be done with their work and I will have to get back to decluttering and throw things out. We want to get our house on the market in October. I don't want to think about the garage. That be man work.

    I toss back a few glasses of wine for you...

  3. Good luck - that is one ambitious plan!!! Plesae post pictures as you go :) Especially of the big toy sale!

    And I must ask, an "ass ton" is probably more than just a simple ton, right? More than a metric ton, even? Just curious...

  4. Mark--The day I run out crap to throw out will be my red letter day!....what does that mean anywa, red letter day?lol
    You've got 3 more months before 2011 ends so there is still time to make some clutter. I have faith you can, or rather the kids can!! ;-)

    Alex--Yah, leave the garage for the menfolk.
    And make mine merlot please....

  5. Pretty--Yah, it's prolly too ambition for lazy old slug me!lol
    Might as well shoot for the moon tho and take however much of it I can get done.

    Ass Ton is my oldest's rather colorful expression. I am well on my way to becoming a pottymouth because of these least, THAT is my story!lol

  6. You are doing great, Sluggy! Sorry the flea market plans didn't work out, but I know your garage sale will kick that ass ton's ass.

  7. Awesome work.
    Its amazing.
    Keep going.

  8. Frances--Thanks for the sympathy. I have high hopes for the toy garage sale. I just wish we had warmer weather here closer to Christmas. I need to advertise this thing very well to make it a success. And that's the part I am not so good at. 8-(

    Redair123--Thanks for leaving a comment that directs people to a sales


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