Friday, September 9, 2011

Flood Update

First off, we are fine.
Honestly, if the river levels get to this elevation, then half of PA would be
We are on a mountain overlooking the valley where the big city sits.
We get flash flooding here when there is too much rain.
Once the rain travels downhill to the river, then the river overflows.

Wilkes-Barre, the big city, is a mess.
Word here is that the Susquehanna crested within the last hour or so.  It topped 42.6 feet.  This is higher than the flood in 1972 from Hurricane Agnes. 
But there is a levee system this time around although the flood gates only protect to 41 feet.
A system to protect the big city but if you are in low lying outer areas beyond the big city and it's 'burbs you are out of luck.
Places like Shickshinny, Mocanaqua, West Nanticoke, Pittston.

The drive-in where we do the flea market is in Shickshinny.  We had hoped to do the flea market in 2 weeks.  That might not happen now since it is underwater now.
Here is a photo of a grocery store I have a gift certificate to that is nearby the drive-in....

Here is a house down river from the drive-in, in a little town where a childhood friend of my oldest son lives.  This isn't his family's house but the whole town is swamped.  Note the valuables put on the roof for safekeeping....

Here is an aerial shot of the town where Daughter's boyfriend lives....

I called Daughter off at college.  She says BF's family is stuck in their house since they didn't evacuate yesterday as ordered.  The basement is filled and there is a foot of water on the 1st floor.  They have flood insurance thankfully but it's going to be a big long mess to get the house back to habitable.
Daughter said BF told her houses were floating by them down the river.
Another shot of his town....

And at the border between his town and the next....

Here is a shot of a town north of Scranton on the river.

Yesterday a part of I-80 was closed outside of Bloomsburg(it's west of us).  Today I-81 north of Clarks Summit is closed.

The Redner's grocery store I wanted to go to this week is swamped.  The whole shopping plaza is underwater.   The flood gates Redner's and KMart put up were worthless this time.  They just showed a live shot and it's all underwater.  The flood gates  at the Market St. bridge are leaking.  Water is running down Market St. toward the square in the center of Wilkes-Barre, but the pumping stations there can handle this amount of water.

Hubs friend at work can't leave his house.  He's in Tunkhannock and his county is under a state of emergency.  His house is on high ground but his small town is underwater.

Hershey PA is having massive flooding as well.

The sun is finally out here and the river is going down.
The coming days/weeks here are going to uncover quite a mess.

Watch out Mark.....things haven't crested yet down your way!



  1. My sister is dry so far but she is close to the berwick/nescopeck bridge so we are nervous. Her work(Dollar tree factory) is under water so god only knows when they will get back to work.

    She has two friends staying with her that lost there homes. Ones basement wall collapsed and the others first floor is under water. It is getting scary. She sent us pictures and it is just so scary..all of 11 is under water also. Keep safe and dry.

    And Mark head for higher water. Keep us posted and save safe

  2. Sluggy, thankfully you are high and dry. There may be a few good sales in those stores that are inundated. I know they just mark all the inventory as a loss. Of course, soaked tp won't be a bargain. But, some things will be high and dry and still good.

    My town is located on a plateau and most of the county, so that is never a worry here, a fact for which I am most grateful when I see pictures like these. Dealing with a tornado would be easier.

    How about flooding in Bethlehem, PA?

  3. Sluggy, I am so glad you all are dry. Praying for everyone in your area.

  4. Keep your powder dry. Glad to know you're OK but so sorry for all the others who aren't.

  5. Thanks Sluggy! I think we are in the clear. I was worried yesterday eventhough it wasn't raining. But today seems to be fine and dandy. Also, we got nothing in our basement at all.


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