Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Can It Be??......More September DeCluttering P*rn!

Oooh Baby!
I am on fire....on fire with decluttering p*rn!!

First off, Hubs contribution to the last trip's clutter was the Get Smart beanie, the Mets truck and the hand massager.....not that anyone tried for the Bonus Points or anything. ;-)

Onward to the third trip, as in "#3",  to Salvation Army for September.....

1 Cat in the Hat facial tissue cover(in the white box)
1 Wilton train cake mold
1 Christmas ornament
3 assorted books
2 Curious George toothbrushes
1 Cabbage Patch Kids playset
1 novelty coffee mug
1 Precious Moment figurine
1 Power Rangers candy mold

1 Gerber baby doll
1 Dilbert day planner/calendar
3 Pokemon pocket monsters
1 vintage cast iron wagon
3 Godzilla stamp sets
1 Polly Pocket pet shop
6 Teenie Beanies
1 Star Wars pin
2 Wilton cookie cutters
1 pair Thomas the Tank Engine shoelaces
1 roll Power Rangers stickers
1 Cat in the Hat watch
1 Walmart watch...yes a Walmart watch, as in a walmart truck goes around the face of this one!
1 package Troll party napkins

2 Avalon Hill strategy games
1 cross stitch pattern book
1 set Chinese iron balls(#2 son's contribution-still shaking my head why he spent good money on this at the amusement park?!)
1 McDonald's glass
3 California Raisin figures
2 Just the Right Shoe figurines

And if you are keeping score at home, that's 38 more items and the 11th load to Salvation Army for 2011.

Now I am off this blasted machine for awhile.
I actually have to leave the house today.
Go me!

What's on your plate for today?



  1. Good job on dejunking and leaving. Do you plan on coming back?

  2. I need to buy more stuff just to get rid of it. How will I ever be able to keep up with you?

  3. Im making a lasagna and cleaning the bathroom and hoping that we get a name for the baby today.



  4. That's allot of crap! I bet it feels good to purge.

  5. Decluttering is on my plate for today. Most of this is just things I have brought in the house and put down, not being able to sort because of my back. But, the thrift store will be the next stop. Oh, I forgot, exbf brought down three garbage bags of things from upstairs that need to just have a cursory examination before going to the thrift store. That will be about four bags for the next trip. He will be happy to see it go. Me too!

  6. SonyaAnn--Unfortunately for all of y'all, I ALWAYS come back! ;-)

    Mark--You can't...just face the fact.lol And I'm sure Fred is probably on Amazon now buying more crap for you to get rid of at some point later....

    Judy--Have fun with the bathroom. There was a Groupon yesterday for 3 hours of house cleaning in Philly...I almost bought it and sent them to your house. ;-)
    And I'll pray she finds the right name, and that it isn't something strange like people give their kids these days, especially celebrities.....who names a kid Apple?....or Pilot Inspector?.....Geesh....

    Free!--Yes it does...once I get past the thought of having to get rid of things...lol

    PracticalP--Don't even look in those garbage bags....just release it! ;-)


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