Friday, July 8, 2011

July Food Spending Week 1....Keeping on Budget Finally!

I am going to update each week in July on my food spending. After the last 2 months of going over, maybe this will help me stay on track more if all of y'all are watching me.....watching me in a good way, not the bad, creepy way. ;-)

In the 1st 7 days of July I made 10 transactions at the grocery stores.
Actually, I made all 10 transactions/8 trips in TWO DAYS and I haven't been to the store since last Saturday(except for my trip to Rite-Aid on Sunday).
Ok, so 4 of those 10 were at Price Chopper(Northeast)doing the Unilever Catalina Deal(plus 1 more to PC where I didn't buy any Unilever stuff because they were out and I got other things).

I went to Dollar General last Saturday because they had that 1 day Q for $5 off $25 purchase. I bought ALOT of packs of soda and some Flavor-aid packets. I had $1/3 Coke Qs to use along with the $5/$25 Q and was all set for a total of around $18 + tax, HOWEVER, I forgot that these $5/$25 $General Qs are ALWAYS on $25 of items AFTER ALL OTHER QS ARE APPLIED!
Still got a good deal but Argh!
I hate when I forget stuff like that.....and I hate their policy too.
So my Cokes and Flavor-Aid came to $21.51 w/tax.

Add in a trip to Weis, a trip to the Bakery Outlet and 2 small trips to the local ShurSave affiliated market and I spent $66.72 in the 1st week of July.

No trips to the store yet since last Saturday and we've been eating from the stockpile.

MONDAY--Hot Dogs, Green Beans, Watermelon
TUESDAY--Beef Enchiladas, Corn
WEDNESDAY--Chinese take-out
THURSDAY--Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce, Salad, Watermelon
FRIDAY--Leftovers again, Homemade Pickles
SATURDAY--Homemade Pizza, Salad

I will be going to Weis tomorrow to spend a $10 Catalina Q. I'll probably buy some ribs on sale to cook in the smoker on Sunday and hopefully won't spend any money. 8-)

I'm off now to go figure out a partial menu for next week that let's us eat mainly from the stockpile again.

How about you?  Are you eating from your pantry/stockpile next week?



  1. I'm trying to stay out of the stores but bologna is on sale and I think that it is calling my name!

  2. SonyaAnn--Well at least it's something cheap like bologna and not lobster or steak!lol

  3. I've been trying to keep my shopping to either things I consider necessities (I know, this is very debatable!) or have really good coupons/deals for so I can add to the stockpile. I have a boatload of Dreamfields pasta, all of which I've gotten free after doubled $1/1 coupons, and I'd love to eat that for dinner every night (then the leftovers for lunch the next day), but since I'm already not getting ANY exercises wearing this boot thing, I just can't go the obvious, easy, cheap route of ballooning up again so I have no clothes that fit :) Beyond that, I'm trying, every time I get hungry to work the stockpile as much as I can before I break down and buy more of something I don't have. Some days I do better than others!

  4. Pretty--I feel ya. It's a constant struggle but at least you don't have 'others' destroying any gains you make now. Look at the positive, look at the positive... 8-)
    And for you Diet Cokes ARE necessities the way that ice cream is for me. lol


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