Friday, February 4, 2011

Keeping Your Eyes Open for Deals in The Stores

While I DID succeed in blowing up my Food Budget for January, I don't consider it a total FAIL.
I didn't go over by a large amount(thank you rebate checks!)and I did manage to pick up some very nice deals, both planned for and not planned.

Some deals I got were intentional.  Like this one.....

I saw that the local chain market was running a special on the veggie Ronzoni pasta...$1 a box.  I jumped on eBay and found a deal for 20 $1/1 coupons.  After they arrived I managed to get my hands on 18 boxes of the pasta.  With shipping the coupons cost me $2.28.  Not a bad price for 18 boxes of noodles.

Here's some of the 14 boxes of dishwasher detergent I talked about earlier this week, that I picking up at CVS as well....

Between CVS, Wags and Rite-Aid I got 20 boxes and am set for another year.

And here is another deal I saw and jumped on.....

Weis markets had these croutons for $1 a bag.  I was almost out of croutons so I picked up a stack of $.50/1 coupons.  Weis doubles(to $1) up to 4 of an alike coupon per transaction, so I spent that week buying 4 bags at a clip so the coupons would double and they would all be free.  Now I am set for croutons for another year.

But there are always unexpected deals that pop up if you look around the store sometimes.  Keeping your eyes open can reap rewards like this.....

I found these cans of Comstock Pie Filling at CVS on the After-Christmas Clearance shelves.  There were only stocked for Christmas so went to 75% off with the bows and paper and candy and such.
Though not an extremely great price at .69¢ per can, I had 3 .55¢/1 coupons for Comstock pie filling from the Sunday inserts, so I paid only .14¢ for 3 of these cans.  Not a bad haul for $2.49, right?

And how about these....
I was walking around the local grocery store since I had to drive my BIL there to do his shopping and spotted these bottle of olive oil on clearance marked down half price to $3!
I showed BIL the great deal and after he took as many as he wanted, I grabbed the rest.
Being a good person can reap unusual

And here was another Jan. unexpected deal.....

The day I was in Redner's market they were clearancing these yogurt packs for .99¢ since they were going out of date soon.
Great price.
But even better because I had GM inserts in the car with $1/1 coupons for these....woohoo!
Free yogurt!

So just in Jan. I got enough pasta, croutons, dishwasher detergent to last me a year.....olive oil and pie filling to last me at least 6 months, and yogurt to last a few months or longer(yogurt is great frozen too).
And now I can mark those items off my stockpile shopping list for quite some time and concentrate on other items.

I am usually one to quickly get my items, get through the store and get out.  But sometimes it does pay to take your time and wander slowly through the grocery store looking for unexpected deals, markdowns, clearanced items and even tearpad or blinkie box coupons.

Remember those croutons?  Every trip to buy 4 bags I picked up a few blinkie box coupons for Hormel Compleats at the other end of that aisle in the store.
Hubs likes to take those Compleats to work for lunch and you know that Rite-Aid puts them on sale fairly regularly so I can use those coupons I gleaned for more free Compleats! 8-)

Do you wander the grocery store aisles looking for coupons or unexpected deals?



  1. I wish I wasn't always so pressed for time when I shop!

  2. Excellent deals, Sluggy!!

    Ditto McVal. I see all sorts of blog posts (including yours) about finding deals, and sometimes it's just by wandering around and looking, finding blinkies and peelies and "try me free" tags, etc. But the rare times when I take the time to wander, I never seem to find/see/stumble over anything like what I read about. I can't say I haven't ever found a great deal, because I'm pretty sure I have.... somehwere. But nothing like the much more frequents deals I read about. I think some people are just wired for finding deals or knowing where to look, and I don't have the patience or the finely tuned eye.

  3. Yes, I do wander the stores to find deals and coupons. However, I can never be as good as you at finding the matching items. I suppose I will be destined to get free toothpaste forever! Nah, I find lots of deals on the shelves, just nothing like you find.

  4. Once in a while, I'll wonder. It just depends on home much time I have.
    Have a great weekend!


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