Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stuff & Nonsense

This shirt would sum up my mood lately.  January Spending Diet?
Yah....not so much!lol
I am truly sick of spending already.

Yesterday since Hubs had the day off, we took a ride down to the Food Outlet to see what goodies we could find.
You never know what cheap finds await you at the Food Outlet.  Last time I got burritos for the teens.  Odd children here...they don't like my healthier, cheaper, homemade burritos.  They want the store bought kind. Humph!

I don't get down to the Food Outlet much as it's a long ride(see uses alot of gas!)so we look to combine that trip with other necessary shopping and we load up on the goodies we find at the FO.
Hubs wanted to get some sweaters to wear to work.  Seems they are keeping the thermostat at work lower and Hubs is getting chilled now.  He gave away or wore out all his sweaters a few years back so we hit the winter clothing clearance sale at KMart near the Food Outlet.
We found 4 nice, heavy cotton sweaters for under $35 total.
The Food Outlet was a less than thrilling outcome.  Picked up single serve applesauce for .59¢ per 6 pack(for Hubs lunch), tubes of ground chicken or turkey for $1, Blue Corn Taco Shells for $1, and some other bits and pieces.  Then Hubs snuck in a box of garbage bags for $7.99(eek!)so we dropped $32.80 in there without any real stocking up.

I dropped by a couple Rite-Aids down there as well and got a few goodies.  I'll post that separately after I get the photo taken.

Some blog business.....I've added to the right sidebar a new feature, my Monthly To-Do List.  Hopefully this will keep me from going an entire year without considering the Sewing chores I need to do.  At least now I'll have to ignore doing things IN SPITE OF it Staring me in the Face!lolz

I'll also be taking down the 2010 Grocery Spending Totals and the Savings Challenge Totals shortly.
Time to start fresh for 2011, right? ;-)

I have a hypothetical question for you all....
If  'someone' was to give away a Gift Card as a blog contest prize, for which store would YOU want to win a gift card?
Any kind of store, movie theatre chain, gas station, whatever.
Just leave a comment with your top 3 choices.

Ok, I'm off to the garage to whip my stockpile into better organizational shape.  Since I have the good fortune....cough, cough.....and pleasure of my children's company for a 4th day in a row(thank you snow day from school!), I am getting some work out of them today.



  1. I'm not picky, but I do prefer a card that's more generic rather than specialized:

    1) general merchandise stores (W-M, Target, etc.) or Visa Gift Card so I can get needed items

    2) craft supply stores (Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Joann) so I can get fun items

    3) national restaurant chains so I can get tasty items

    What I wouldn't want is a card to clothing or lingerie stores (no Old Navy, no Victoria's Secret, etc.)

  2. I'm with Annie. Visa gift cards are great! The kids got some for Christmas and that was helpful. Plus, I have no need for Victoria's Secret. In fact, I don't want to know what her secret is.
    Your Friend, m.

  3. I agree with Annie and Mark. At least your husband snuck in something useful--my husband sneaks junk food in--and don't send him(my husband) to the store alone---he'll come back with bags and bags of junk but not one thing you asked for! Take care.

  4. Gift cards, eh? My list would be


    Kids are home again? Gah! One more reason I'm not a huge fan of winter - LOL! Even with my own kid unaffected by school closings now, I still wince when I hear the list on the radio each morning.

    Looking forward to the RA details, as always :)

  5. Cinemark, Joann fabric, Target.
    and great idea to list your to do list! I'll keep you honest on sorting out that fabric stash!! Get to it girl!

  6. 1) Rite Aid
    2) Target
    3) National restaurant chains


  7. Whatever gift card you feel like would work. I think Amazon would be a good one.
    And good luck in the garage, yuck!
    If I had a to-do-list on my sidebar it would have to say DIET!!

  8. I am tired of spending, too. I told Hubby this morning that we have to stop for a while. Let's see how long that lasts.

    My number one favorite is Amazon.com. I add them to my account and save them up, sometimes for gifts, but sometimes for goodies for me.

    For stores, I would get the most bang for my buck from a CVS card, I think, though I would happily take a Kroger or Walgreens gc.

    As for movie theaters...yes, yes, yes. AMC or Cinemark. Hubby and I love movie gcs!

    Is someone planning a giveaway???!!!

  9. I say VISA GC or if it must be a store card Walmart or Rite Aid (since those are the only 2 stores in my town lol)


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