Friday, November 26, 2010

Where Will You Be on Friday?

Will you be out with the Shopping Fanatics on Friday morning?
Or will you be snug in your bed or headed to work at that early hour?
Me?....I don't 'do' Black Friday.

Besides the fact that I don't have many people to buy "stuff" for during the Holidays, it's rare that I want/need something so badly at an insanely low price that I'd brave the traffic headaches, go out into the Chaos of Crowds and stand in lines a mile long to pay in order to save money on an electronic/appliance/toy/article of clothing/etc.
But that's just me I suppose....
Hey, I am all over a great deal but even I have my limits.

If you do have the "Shopping Monkey on your back" and you'll be hitting as many stores as time will allow in a Shopping Bachanalia, remember that all that "stuff" you buy needs to fit into your already crowded with "stuff" home and once you are done with the new "stuff", it will most likely end up clogging up a landfill somewhere....and we are fast running out of places to dispose of all our unwanted "stuff" on this planet.  Consider these points and buy judiciously if you have to purchase "stuff".

The teens mostly want cash or gift cards and Hubs and I don't need more "stuff". I'm going to try to find ways to support local businesses this year when I do buy.
I'll try to find gift cards/certificates to buy off of local small merchants(for consumables or experiences mostly)and try to stay out of the big box stores.

Speaking of big box stores and Black Friday, have a lookie at this SNL skit and tell me that this isn't where we are headed.....

Since I sold a few things on eBay on Thanksgiving(bless all those cyber shoppers with nothing to do but watch football on Thursday!lol) I'll be packing and shipping when I'm not strolling down the aisles at Rite-Aid on Friday seeing what food/HBA items I can bring home for free(or close to it).

Whatever you are doing on Black Friday, stay safe, stay sane and stay warm!



  1. Have fun at Rite Aid. I went yesterday and accidentally spent a lot of money. Watch out for those 77 cent tooth brushes. they are mixed in with the 12 dollar ones. I unfortunately (as usual) picked the wrong one.

    I was tempted to buy stuff last night from the Macys website. I filled my cart up with hundreds of dollars of deals and then just closed the window. I couldnt justify buying the stuff because it was all for me and the house. None of it was gifts!

    My husband wants a PS3 but I have been strong so far. We said we were only spending 20 dollars on each other's gifts this year. We discussed it and we will get one to celebrate when he pays off his student loan next year!

    I hope you had a nice thanksgiving.

  2. April--I just got back from 2 different Rite-Aids. It was busier than I thought it would be....who xmas shops at a drug store?!?lol I did well and got most of what I wanted, some stuff was long gone like the TP.

    Uh oh on the lots of $$ at are suppose to spend MONEY at Rite-Aid? I missed the

    I have no problem returning something if I get the wrong not-on-sale one. It happens. I get distracted and don't catch it at the register...oh well.

    I did the same thing online last night!lol A cart full of stuff...and then I just closed out of the site.
    I guess even when we try to avoid it, we still get swept up in the buy, buy, buy thing.

    Good luck on keeping strong against the PS3.
    Saving that expensive toy for a big accomplishment like paying off the student loans is awesome!
    I'm trying to keep Hubs down in price on the xmas gifts for each other here....easier said than done.

    Thanks for visiting and I hope you had a nice thanksgiving too. ;-)

  3. Hi, Sluggy. I stayed home on Black Friday. No fighting the crowds for me. As a matter of fact, I stayed in my pjs all day watching Christmas movies. LOL! I did all my cleaning yesterday in preparation for our Thanksgiving dinner which has now been moved to Sunday. So I didn't have a thing to do today but relax. I loved it!

  4. Good for you Frances!
    I just went to Rite-Aid.
    Partly for the deals, partly because I was bored and partly to get away from the fighting
    Hubs is going to drag me out with him Saturday to run errands despite the crowds.
    No breaking out the xmas movies here yet but I did tune into the 24/7 xmas songs

  5. I didn't exactly stay in, but I didn't do any Black Friday shopping either. I was in a totally sucky mood cuz DH and I had yet another ... disagreement :) So after he left for work, I cleaned the house then took a load to Goodwill. I did stop in to take a quick look because of their half-off sale, but the check-out line was around the building. No thanks! More fun at home reading and sorting my coupons - LOL!

    Tomorrow morning, off to RA!


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