Thursday, June 24, 2010

Brains vs. Common Sense

Go watch the video on this page HERE and then tell me why I am shaking my head at this kid.
I guess he never developed any common sense while he was there getting a degree, huh?

When it comes to college I don't understand what some people are thinking!



  1. His debt makes that $23,000 average debt they mentioned seem very doable.

    I think a little guidance (from parents, school counselors, someone who'd already earned a business degree from NYU, etc.) might have gone a long way. Then again, he admitted what is very 18yo will do whatever he/she wants without regard to the outcome.

    Seriously, I if in the future Kat insists she wants to go to a prestigious school over an affordable one, I think I would strongly encourage her to not go to college at all. Can't be much worse than getting bogged down by that kind of debt.

  2. I felt sorry for him until they said he had a full scholarship but turned it down. Apparently common sense isn't so common any more.

  3. That is ridiculous. But, possibly, there but by the grace of ME, Samantha might be.

    She wanted to go to the University of Texas, so when the University of Houston sent her an offer, her Senior year, that equalled close to a free ride, she was going to throw the letter away. I told her we should hang on to it just in case.

    Thank goodness we did! UT offered her a lot less and, smart girl that she is, she decided that U of H would suit her just fine.

    I cannot imagine getting into debt like that just to go to a prestigious school. Sorry, I just don't.

    I have a degree. That is all that most employers want. I haven't seen anyone that graduated from more prestigious schools being treated any differently, or making any more money than me. (On the same level as me, that is.)


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