Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Giveaway Weirdness and a Word of Advise for 'our' Alex

Remember the Giveaway the other day, when I posted the winner's name?
Well, Alex contacted me shortly after I posted that with her info., tickled pink to have won it.
Happy Happy, Joy Joy time.....

Here's where the weird part comes in.
Later that evening I get an email from someone else named Alex(same first name, last name started with same letter as 'our' Alex but different last name).
She went on and on about being thrilled to have won and provided her shipping info.

After I finished looking at my computer screen sideways like one of the beagles here would do and then confirming that TWO people named Alex had NOT submitted entries for the giveaway, I wrote back to her and basically said, "Who are you??  And why are you claiming to have won this prize for a contest you didn't enter?"

She did respond and said that she has some Google Alert thing where if a web page goes live with her name + the word winner, she gets a notice.  She evidently enters lots of contests online and uses this so she doesn't miss seeing that she won something somewhere.
While this is a good idea(especially if you are super busy and stretched for time or have CRS syndrome), it's also an even better idea that once you get the winner alert to check the contest post and make sure you actually ENTERED that contest!LOL

I'm just glad this turned out aok.  But what if our Alex hadn't email me quickly and this other Alex had emailed me instead and I had jumped right up and mailed the prize out?  Luckily here I read 'our' Alex's blog and know what region of the country she lives in, so I knew instantly that Alex #2 was NOT the right person who won, since she gave me a mailing address that is in a totally different part of the country.

One thing you should do 'our' Alex if you are reading this.....put your contact email on your profile page!  The reason I asked you to email me on the "You Won" Page, instead of emailing you directly was because I couldn't find your email info.  If I hadn't known where you live and had 2 people saying they were the winners the only way to know for sure would be to check your email addys.  So please add that info.-especially since you know another Alex is out there now and she enters frugal type blog contests! ;-)

I am still shaking my head over this one folks.....



  1. Wow--you have to wonder how much she has won because the contest holder just knew someone with her first name and last initial won--but didn't check to see if it was the right one. Not very nice.

  2. This is an odd one! But you seem to be attracting them lately, don't you?

  3. I agree with you, Sheila. Its not nice at all-in fact I think its "playing" dirty


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